Why You Should Buy Loose Diamonds Online

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Loose Cushion Cut Diamond

Buying Loose Diamonds

By definition, a loose diamond is one that is cut and polished. Rough or mined diamond is cut and polished to make it ready to be set on a jewelry piece or for sale in loose form. Loose cut diamonds are used for jewelry of all kinds, including everything from tiaras and rings to headpieces. Some people choose to invest in loose diamonds instead of using them in jewelry. Loose diamonds are easier to inspect than mounted counterparts. It includes checking the diamond’s weight and its depth, dimensions, clarity, and color.

If you know where to look, purchasing loose diamonds from an E-commerce website can also be an effortless process. People usually purchase these gemstones for investment purpose or as gifts. By purchasing a loose diamond online rather than one set in a jewelry piece, you get to choose what will occur to the gemstone.

You can have your own piece custom designed and have the gem mounted on it. Besides, it is a lot cheaper. You are going to find it from a cutter of gemstones, in which case you are fully bypassing the middlemen or jeweler. It is significantly pricier as you are getting a finished piece which is set for use. Moreover, jewelers can make a profit of about 50% to 200% on each piece which they sell to customers.

Purchasing Offline versus Online

Whether from a physical or an E-commerce store, you have to purchase a certified diamond. The industry has changed considerably in the last two decades. It seems online competition has seen considerable growth, which has brought in more transparency to the industry. In the past, customers had to hope their local jeweler would give them the best product at the best price, but now they can research on the internet and compare and contrast many deals in their area. This will allow you to make sure that you are getting a fine deal.

Besides, you have to confirm if the diamond you are purchasing is certified by the GIA. As long as it is certified by the Gemological Institute of America, you can be 99.9% certain that it is a diamond with the features you were promised. On jewelry websites, you have the option to choose between various colors, sizes, and shapes. Loose cushion cut diamond is only one of the many shapes; likewise, there are many different color hues in the gem. Its Clarity grade can range between ‘Flawless’ and ‘Included 3’.

By doing research and by knowing what you are looking for online, you will be able to buy a sparkling and beautiful diamond and be certain that you have made the right call.