Why Should You Go For Loose Diamonds?

Loose Cut Diamonds

Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are not mounted on any jewelry piece. Rough diamonds mined from the earth are cut into different shapes to form loose diamonds. They are then mounted onto various jewelry pieces.

In this article, we cover the different cuts of loose diamonds, and the reasons why you should go for loose diamonds.

What Are The Different Cuts Of Loose Diamonds?

The perfection of the diamond cut and the peculiarities of specific cuts determine the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. The diamond cutting process requires highly skilled craftsmanship. Different diamond cuts include:

Round Cut

It is the cut that offers maximum brilliance as it enables maximum light penetration. Round brilliant diamonds have 58 facets that let light reflect out and give an eye-catching sparkle to the diamond.


Princess cuts are usually square-shaped although they come in rectangular shapes too. Princess cuts are popular choices when it comes to engagement rings. The cut has 58 facets that give a sparkle close to that of a round diamond. If you are particular about the shape you want for the diamond, pay attention to its length to width ratio. For a square-shaped diamond, the length to width ratio will be nearly equal to 1 while a rectangular-shaped diamond has a length to width ratio greater than 1.


Emerald diamonds are step cut and the symmetrical steps lead up to the table. Give proper attention to the color and clarity of the emerald diamond as the cut tends to make inclusions more visible.

Why Go For Loose Diamonds?

There are several reasons why experts suggest going for loose diamonds rather than diamond mounted jewelry. If you choose diamond jewelry, a good portion of the diamond will be hidden beneath the mounting, and you cannot inspect it by eye. You cannot figure if there are any flaws or inclusions behind the mountings.

The mounting may reflect light into the diamond making it difficult for you to assess the clarity of the stone.

If you choose a loose diamond, you can inspect it from all sides and analyze its quality. When buying diamonds (loose or mounted), always ask for the certificate issued by reputed institutes like the GIA. The certificate will contain almost all of the relevant details of the diamond. Study the same before you decide to purchase the diamond.