Why Should You Buy Loose Cut Diamonds With Better Cut Quality?

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Loose Cut Diamonds

Loose Cut Diamonds

People buy loose cut diamonds because they are generally cheaper than the ones that are part of jewelry. The most important factor that has a significant impact on their prices is their cut quality. However, many buyers are oblivious to this, and they focus more on the carat weight of diamonds. The cut can drastically increase or decrease the value of a diamond. Not only that, but this is also augmented by the type of cut as well as the shape of the stone. The purpose of this article is to investigate the influence of cut quality on the value of loose cut diamonds.

Why Does Loose Cut Diamonds With Better Cut Quality Cost More?

Generally, the cost per carat weight of diamond increases as its cut quality improves. This is because more of the opaque rough diamond must be removed to make it sparkle. Due to this reason, round brilliant cut loose diamonds cost more than other types of diamond cuts.

The base price of diamonds is set according to their carat weight. As their cut quality improves, their price increases. This is because the loss in rough diamond material is compensated with higher prices. This also includes the labor cost and the man-hours required for cutting a diamond. It takes more time to create an excellent cut diamond than a poor cut diamond. This will be reflected in their price; the former is expensive, while the latter is cheap. Last but not least, economics and profitability also contribute when choosing a cut for a rough diamond.

It is not feasible for diamond cutters to convert every rough diamond into ideal cut diamonds. This is not economically viable as it will bring down the price of better cut diamonds. This is the reason that the market is flooded with poor cut loose diamonds. Also, sub-par cut diamonds retain weight but are not beautiful. So, when buying loose cut diamonds or diamond jewelry, avoid such diamonds.

Buying Loose Cut Diamonds

The most common mistake that many first-time buyers make when purchasing loose cut diamonds or diamond jewelry is that they make decisions based entirely on the carat weight. It is always worthwhile to invest in a well-cut diamond than in a larger poor cut diamond. The former will have excellent visual appeal and will cost more.

Diamonds with the same rating can have different cut quality, and this difference will be reflected in their light performance and beauty. So, the cut of diamonds matter, and you must not scrimp on that. We hope that the details shared above will help in your purchase of loose cut diamonds.