Why Consider Loose Diamonds over Preset Diamonds

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There are mainly two ways to purchase a diamond ring; you can either choose a readymade sparkler or you may choose loose cut diamonds separately and then, mount it on a setting. However, people who opt out of preset diamonds are really rare. In fact, they tend to believe that mounted diamond rings are the only options available. After all, these will be the only options available if you started off your search at local diamond jewelry stores.

Plus, it will be more convenient for you to select this option since it works on a cash-and-carry purchase mode that is much faster, hassle-free, and straightforward. Hence, this will be a great choice for the people who lead a busy lifestyle or for those who find it overwhelming to design a diamond ring. However, choosing loose cut diamonds will be a better option than considering a mounted diamond ring. Some of the main points that favor this statement are listed below.

Loose diamonds will let you assess its quality well

The quality of a diamond is mainly determined based on four factors; the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Out of these, one of the most important factors that directly affect the light performance and, in turn, the brilliance of a diamond is its cut. You can thoroughly check the light reflecting properties of a loose diamond by keeping it under a light source since no metal settings are there to alter the diamond’s performance in this case. Furthermore, the metal prongs covering your diamond may mask the inclusions and color tints in your stone. So, you are likely to end up with an expensive but poor-quality diamond ring when it comes to a preset one. You can easily tackle this issue by purchasing round cut loose diamonds.

You can purchase within your budget

Most diamond Jewelry stores tend to feature a limited number of mounted diamond rings. Hence, it will be extremely hard for you to pick an option that fits in your budget. Usually, they may pressurize you to raise your price range or to make a compromise on the diamond quality in such cases. Note that it is better to purchase high-quality round cut loose diamonds in such cases. You can mount it on an affordable and appropriate setting later.

So, while choosing preset diamond rings which boast a convenient and quicker mode of purchase, the chances for you to get scammed are high. So, it will be always better to choose round cut loose diamonds separately and then mount them on a complementing setting.