What you Need to Know before Buying a Loose Diamond

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When the time comes to make one of the most important purchases of a lifetime – the engagement ring – buyers are often barraged with a slew of options which end up confusing them. By now, it goes without saying that each brings its own benefits in terms of looks, worth, and cost. That said, some options, such as loose diamonds, are a smarter investment choice.

Loose diamonds are exactly what you would guess them to be – diamonds that have not yet been set into jewelry. A typical diamond over a quarter carat would carry certification from a gem grading lab, which lets people know its intrinsic qualities and characteristics, as well as consequent worth on the market. This certificate is vital to ensuring you get the right gem for your money. Working with an expert to pick out a stone is almost as important too; they can lend their expertise in distinguishing each diamond from the next based on color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. It is all the better if you go in after doing sufficient research beforehand.

Reasons to Buy a Loose Diamond

When buying a loose diamond, you effectively bring down a lot of expense. Loose diamonds can be had for a lot less than those set on ring, necklaces, and earrings. The former are buyable online, and carry no overhead for the retailer, which means the buyer ends up paying less than they would have for a mounted diamond. The option is also highly cost effective when getting an engagement ring for that special someone. The extra effort you throw into finding a loose stone is easily compensated by the savings it serves up.

Finding What you Want

For most people, there is a preferred idea where the stone setting is concerned, often long before they even set out to find a suitable diamond. Loose stones leave you the option to significantly customize your ring’s design. These diamonds can be bought online, as already mentioned, which means you spend less time and effort looking through available options and picking the one that is right for you.

Taken overall, rushing through the process is about the most misguided thing you could do. It is generally best to take your time with something so delicate, and carefully examine each aspect before making a decision. The more information and time you have, the smarter and sounder this decision would be.