What to Consider When Choosing Accent Diamonds?

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Diamond Selecting Tips

Every diamond accent may appear alike at a glance, but you should look for some things when you shop for these stones. Accent diamonds enhance the look of the main stone of the ring setting.

It is the setting that gives the accents their value, meaning these alone have a little value. These stones will be much smaller than the center stone. If you would like to know more about the popular diamond sizes, click the link https://www.rockher.com/popular-diamond-sizes/

Ensure These Enhance Your Main Diamond

Making the central or main rock easily noticeable is the main purpose of accent diamonds. So these cannot dominate your ring. For instance, for a fairly small main gem, you may wish not to choose accents so that it becomes more noticeable.

As a general rule, we recommend choosing accent diamonds that are not bigger than 15% of your main rock. For example, if it weighs 0.75 carat, the accents should not be over 0.10 carat apiece.

Choose Similarly-Sized Diamonds

The accents are often arranged side by side, so these must be about the same carat size. It is expected to have minor size differences between diamonds in the setting, but a slightly bigger one will be easily noticeable.

The Color

Your centerpiece has to be of the maximum color grade. If your side accents are whiter, the central stone will appear yellow when compared. However, do not choose accents that come over three grades lower than the grade of the main rock. Or else, diamond accents may seem like too yellow. For instance, if your centerpiece gem has G color grade, the side stones should at least be of J grade. You want the colors of the accents to be alike, so a diamond will not look yellower than others.

The Sparkle

The accents often lack the same amount of shine as what you will get with your main or center diamond. These are so tiny, so cutting and polishing the diamonds to the optimum proportions is tricky. The different diamond shapes will make the sparkle different as well. For more shine, look for trillion- or round-cut diamonds. The brilliance of baguettes will be less.

The Grade

These are very small diamonds, so the clarity maybe not as significant as with others, but you should focus on it. Be sure to go for eye-clean accents, meaning the ones with a particular clarity grade and with inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye. We recommend choosing SI clarity grade at the least for accents weighing 0.10 ct and above.