What to Avoid When Buying an Engagement Ring for Her

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Choosing an engagement ring is a task which comes with plenty of pressure. There are lots of mistakes to possibly make. If you feel scared or overwhelmed thinking about it, try to relax. All you need to do is avoid these mistakes, and you will be fine.

Purchasing the First Piece you See

Jewelry shops are rather confusing places to be for first-time shoppers. There are so many gemstones, so much information, and so many price tags to care about. It is not uncommon for men to choose the first piece which catches their eye due to two reasons.

  • He is bewildered and wants the shopping part to be over; and,
  • He is so excited that he is convinced it is the one for his girl.

It is always best to shop around. Even when what you first lay your eyes on is the perfect piece, a near-similar ring in a different shop could be more affordable. Remember, she has dreamt about an engagement ring for a considerable amount of time and will wear what you choose for the rest of her life. So put some more effort into the shopping process.

Not Establishing a Budget

Before starting your search for an engagement ring, you will probably wonder ‘how much does one cost?” The answer is any amount you would like it to cost. In other words, you can find pieces for a couple a hundred dollars or can spend millions on popular engagement ring settings, which would make people very envious. This is why setting a budget is important. Find out how much you can afford to spend, and use this amount as search criteria on a jewelry site. You will immediately have an idea about what type of piece you can buy for your amount, and can change your spending accordingly.

Not Doing Your Research

The most detrimental error a man makes is doing very little homework before hitting jewelry shops. Browsing some jewelry sites is not enough. You should read up on conflict diamonds, the 4Cs of a diamond, different types of metals and what these mean for her ring, and insurance. You have to find and research reputable jewelers nearby your house, their policies, and what is likely to be fine print when you buy a ring from them. Tick off even two items in that list, and you can get more value for money than what you would otherwise get.