What Makes the Cullinan Mine in South Africa So Famous?

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Cullinan Diamond Mine

As you would probably know, diamond mining is one of the leading industries in African countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa. There are approximately seven diamond mines in South Africa, which means that this African country is one of the leading producers of diamonds in the entire world.

The Cullinan Mine in South Africa is the third richest diamond mine in the world, and it produces millions of diamonds on a yearly basis. This internationally renowned underground diamond mine is situated in Cullinan, which is located in South Africa’s Gauteng province. It is an open pit diamond mine, with a surface area of 32 hectares and a depth of approximately 1,083 meters. The kimberlite pipe, where the diamond mine is situated, resembles a carrot in shape and is one of the largest kimberlite pipes in the entire world.

Reports claim that about 743 meters out of the total 1,083 meters are currently being mined by the miners to discover new diamonds. Several experts in the field of diamond manufacturing firmly believe that the Cullinan Mine in South Africa contains millions of diamond reserves, which is estimated to last for the next fifty years. Experts also claim that the Cullinan Mine is still discovering high-quality diamonds that are ideal for industrial uses and making jewelry pieces.

The History of the Cullinan Diamond Mine

Sir Thomas Cullinan came up with the idea of opening the Cullinan mines in Africa in the year 1898. However, the mine was opened only in the year 1902. The Cullinan mines were initially known as the Premier Diamond mines but the authorities renamed the mine after the discovery of the Cullinan diamond just four years after the opening of the mine.

The Cullinan diamond is actually the largest rough gemstones to be ever discovered and it was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan. What made the Cullinan diamond unique from other diamonds was its remarkable clarity. In addition to that, the famous diamond also contained a black spot right in its center. Diamond cutters have been using this gemstone as a crown jewel ever since it was gifted to King Edward VII of the United Kingdom as a birthday gift.

The Cullinan Mine in South Africa is also one of the leading producers of white and blue diamonds. Both of these diamonds come with a higher price tag in the market.