What Do Diamond Accents Mean?

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Diamond Accents

Diamond Accents

Diamond accents are the small diamonds that are placed near to the larger stone in a jewelry piece. They add up to the overall brilliance and beauty of the jewelry. They are known for complementing various diamond shapes, sizes and colors.

In this article, we are discussing about diamond accents in detail.

Are They Real Diamonds?

Yes. Diamond accents are real diamonds that are graded just like the larger stone in the diamond jewelry. They belong to a cut, clarity, color and carat grade just like all other diamonds. The only difference is that they are smaller than other types of diamonds and have less individual value.

What Are The Different Types Of Diamond Accents?

Diamond accents are found in various shapes you will love. Here is a list of the types of diamond accents.  Did you know you can also purchase all shapes and styles of diamonds online?  Using trusted diamond retailers, you can build your own custom engagement ring from the comfort of your own home!

Baguette Diamonds

Baguette shape is regarded ideal for accent stones because it has a large table size and attractive symmetry. They look super classy and are available in smaller carat weights. Baguettes are of two types, tapered baguette and straight baguette.

  • Tapered Baguette

In a tapered baguette, one end is wider than the other. The diamond accents are usually used to line the curve of a jewelry setting and give a classy look to the diamonds. The shape is quite popular in side stone or three stone arrangements and complements almost every diamond shape including emerald cuts, princess cuts, brilliant cuts and radiant cuts.

  • Straight Baguette

Straight baguettes look perfectly rectangular, unlike tapered baguette. Its sustainable table size makes straight baguettes look larger than its actual size. Straight baguettes are perfect for offering symmetry to ring.

Trillion Cut Diamonds

Trillion cut diamonds have a triangular shape, a change from the conventional shapes like round, square and rectangle.  Trillion cut diamonds appropriately complement the center stones of diamond jewelry without diverting the attention from the center stone.

Small Round Diamonds

Small round diamonds work best as accent stones. Due to their classic round design, they go well with almost all diamond shapes.  They are suitable in side stone, three stone, channel, or pave settings.

There are three categories of small round diamonds known by the following names.

  • Full cuts:0.02-0.07 carats
  • Stars:02 carat or less
  • Melee:08-0.18 carats

Accent diamonds are not usually sold out to customers but are used by jewelry makers as side stones in various pieces of jewelry. When used individually, diamond accents do not have much value due to their small carat size.