What Are The Most Popular Loose Diamond Cuts And Shapes?

A diamond gets its beautiful shape after it is cut expertly by machines that ensure best color, sparkle and facets. Loose diamonds are also sold as much as mounted diamonds. It is often purchased to set in engagement rings or for investment purposes. Loose diamonds are available in different shapes and cuts. They are also available in different fancy colors like pink, white, yellow blue and red.

In this article, we will discuss about different loose diamond cuts and loose diamond shapes that are very popular among people.

Which Are The Popular Loose Diamond Cuts?

In the past, diamonds were hand cut. But now there are many sophisticated machines that cut diamonds with at most precision. Loose diamonds have usually three common cutting styles. They are brilliant cut, step cut and old world cut.

  • Brilliant Cuts

It is the most common loose diamond cut. The brilliant cut allows the diamond to have more facets and this increases the light reflection throughout the diamond. The increased light reflection enablers the diamond to have a dazzling looks from all the angles. To ensure the precision and symmetry among the facets, machines are used for the making of brilliant cut diamonds. They are can be more expensive than other diamonds because in brilliant cut diamonds more diamond is cut away to craft a perfect shape of the diamond.

  • Step Cuts

Step cut diamonds have a very unique look. The facets of the step cut diamonds are parallel to each other and the edge of the diamond. The cut is very clean and precise, and has scintillation and shine. The most popular step cut diamond is emerald shaped diamond. Step cut diamond retains most of the weight and carat size of the original diamond. Therefore, step cut diamonds are cheaper than brilliant cut diamonds.

  • Old World Cuts

Old world cut diamonds are also known as European cut, Old miner cut and Rose cut. They are crafted using hands and were the primary style of diamond cutting. Old world cuts were very popular before the 20th century. That is why most of the antique jewelry pieces have old world cuts. They have larger open facets and because of that the sparkle is very less for the old world cut diamonds when compared to a brilliant cut diamond.

  • Modified Brilliant Cut

They are also known as fancy cut diamond. The cutting style will be same as that of the round diamond, but the shape of the diamond may vary. Heart, oval, pear and marquise are the most common modified brilliant shapes. They are less expensive than round brilliant cut because not much rough is wasted when the diamond is crafted.

Which Are The Most Popular Loose Diamond Shapes?

  • Round Diamonds

The most popular and classic shape for a diamond is the diamond shape. They are purchased more commonly for earrings or in engagement rings.  Round brilliant loose diamonds have 58 facets that allow the reflection of light and create a dazzling sparkle. Loose round diamonds are also available in European cut. But they do not have a good sparkle as the brilliant cut because of the larger and more open facets.

  • Princess Diamonds

They are the most popular diamond shape after round diamonds. They usually have a perfect square shape, but they are also found in rectangular shapes. As in the round diamonds, princess diamonds also have 58 facets and brilliant sparkles. Princess diamonds are also called as square modified brilliant and rectangular modified brilliant. If you want to buy a perfect square diamond, pay attention to the length to width ratio of the diamond. It is also important to check the delicate corners of the square diamond before purchasing it.

  • Cushion Diamonds

After princess diamonds, cushion cut loose diamonds are the most popular diamond shapes for jewelry and engagement rings. The cushion diamonds have a square or rectangular shape with round corners that is similar to a cushion or pillow. Therefore, they are also known as pillow cut diamonds. It is a beautiful blend of round and princess shape, and has 58 facets. Before purchasing cushion diamond you must focus on the cut to ensure that the diamond is symmetrical and have brilliant sparkle. Also look at the length to width ratio of the diamond to determine how square the diamond is.

  • Emerald Diamonds

Loose emerald cut diamonds is usually cut in a step pattern. The diamond has 58 facets that include three rows of top steps and three rows of bottom steps. When buying an emerald diamond, the most important consideration should be its color and clarity. This is because in the larger top facet of the emerald diamond, lower color and clarity are very easily visible. Emerald diamonds are very popular diamond shape for engagement rings. If you are particular in buying the diamond in a square and rectangular shape, then you must check the length to width ratio of the diamond.