Unique Engagement Ring Designing Ideas to Consider

Loose Princess Cut Diamonds

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Engagement Ring Ideas

There will be hardly any person who would love to flaunt clichéd diamond ring designs. Even while choosing traditional engagement ring designs, most people are keen to give it a unique twist. In fact, a study reports that some people even flaunt dinosaur bone engagement rings. Even though this sounds awkward, such engagement rings will be a great choice for the couple who are very much into prehistoric times. If you are also such a person who cannot compromise on the style and uniqueness of your diamond engagement rings, you may consider the following options.

Crown Engagement Rings

Do you admire all the glittery things? Do you believe in the story of the Prince Charming who comes and rescues his princess in the most romantic way? Then, crown engagement rings will be the perfect choice for you. In this, the band will be designed to mimic the appeal of a tiny crown that is encrusted with gleaming loose princess cut diamond and other gemstones. Needless to mention, this design is sure to stand out amongst the traditional designs.

Sound Wave Diamond Rings

Sound wave diamond engagement rings are the perfect choice for every romantic couple out there who often love saying cute or passionate phrases to their beloved. In this design, the images of the actual sound wave of any of the romantic quotes such as ‘I love you’, ‘will you marry me’, or whatever you feel like saying to your sweetie will be engraved on a metal band. If you want, you can engrave the actual phrase on the inner band or encrust a trillion cut loose diamond at the center of the ring as well.

Traveler’s Engagement Bands

Are you wanderlust? Do you love exploring the world holding the hands of your significant other? Then, traveler’s engagement bands will be the right option for you, as the name indicates. In this design, each of your rings will be engraved with unique designs and some tiny gemstones. However, as you keep your rings together, it will form a tiny world map that reflects your dream. What will be a better option than this design for all the hippy bees out there?

Harry Potter Diamond Ring

You can hardly find any millennial who is not a fan of Harry Potter series. If you and your partner are Harry Potter maniacs, this option will be just perfect. In this design, an antique gold metal band will be encrusted with a red loose princess cut diamond that mimics the sorcerer’s stone. Additionally, engrave your favorite spells on the inner band. You can also craft some embellishments on your band that mimics the miniature versions of the golden snitch, dragon ball, house symbols, etc., if you are a diehard Harry Potter fan.