Top Tips To Pick Perfect Loose Diamonds

Loose Cut Diamonds

Loose Cut Diamonds

Loose Cut Diamonds

Purchasing the perfect loose diamonds can be an overwhelming process considering the infinite options available for you. Loose cut diamonds are available in different sizes, shapes, quality grades, and colors. Hence, the key to choosing the right option includes knowing what you want. The more knowledge you have about diamonds, the easier it will be for you to pick the best choice. The following tips can be helpful for you to find the perfect diamond that can fit your needs and budget.

Determine The Diamond Shapes

Loose diamonds are available in a large number of shapes ranging from the common round cut loose diamonds to more unique and distinct options like heart and pear. So, determine a diamond shape you like the best when getting loose diamonds.

Some of the common options available for you include round, cushion, marquise, pear, heart, oval, Asscher, trillion, etc. You have to choose a shape that can complement your fingers. Round diamonds can be suitable for everyone, hence, you can choose them irrespective of the size and shape of your hands. But if you want to create a slender and elongated look for your fingers, then it is better to get elongated diamond shapes like marquise, pear, and oval.

If you want a vintage look to your jewelry, then diamond shapes like cushion-cut can be suitable for you, whereas, princess-cut diamonds can offer a contemporary look for the wearer. Hence, make sure to choose a diamond shape based on the look you want for your diamond jewelry.

Choose A Carat Weight

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond and not necessarily its size. The price of your diamonds can exponentially increase with the increase in their carat weight. So make sure to choose the carat weight based on your budget. Loose diamonds with higher carat weights can be a great investment because of their great value and uniqueness.

Consider The Budget

The price of a diamond can greatly vary based on different factors including its carat weight, shape, quality, etc. Hence, you have to choose a budget based on these factors. Diamonds with great quality and higher carat weights can be very costly. The price of diamonds can decrease based on the reduction in their quality grades and carat weight.

Getting a diamond can be a big investment you are making. So do enough research before getting one to ensure that you choose the perfect option.