Top 3 Gem-Quality Rough Diamonds Ever Mined from the Earth

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Not all diamonds are of gem-quality; some are considered industrial-grade diamonds. Below are the top three gem-quality rough diamonds ever mined from the Earth.

The Cullinan Diamond

This is the biggest gem-quality diamond to be found yet, weighing in excess of 3000 carats. It was the miner Thomas Powell, who discovered the diamond from the Premier Mine in South Africa’s Cullinan region. Yet again, the diamond was eponymous of Sir. Thomas Cullinan, the diamond magnate and the South African diamond mine’s owner. After the diamond was mined, it was suggested that it was perhaps part of a bigger octahedral crystal.

The diamond was presented to Edward VII of the United Kingdom as a symbol of loyalty and the attachment, which the Transvaal people had to his throne. The gemstone was gifted to the King of the UK on his birthday, and he announced that it would be preserved amongst the historic heirloom collection of the Crown. The gem was later cut into nine big gemstones and numerous other smaller gems.

Excelsior Diamond

This diamond was discovered in early 1980’s at the Orange Free stage’s Jagersfontein mine. What is surprising is that it was found when a worker was in the process of loading the gravel into a vehicle. It was by chance he noticed the gemstone and later reported to the manager of the diamond mine.

The rough diamond, which weighed 971 carats, was classified as one with G color, with numerous black inclusions. The diamond was shipped later to London city and was sold eventually for what roughly amounts to 1.5 to 2 million as of now. It was cut into eleven distinct gemstones, which ranges from 9 to 69 carats in terms of weight, in different shapes. The stones are owned by several people having been put to use in several jewelry creations.

Lesedi La Rona

Coming third in the list of the top rough diamonds ever mined is this one excavated from Botswana. If you add gem-quality diamond into the equation, then it is the second biggest diamond ever discovered. What is astounding is that the diamond was mined in 2015 – a fairly recent discovery indeed.

The cut diamond weighs in excess of 1000 carats and is the biggest to have been recovered with the use of automated diamond equipment. It was estimated to be present in the earth for more than 2.5 billion years until then. That is reflected in the purchased value of the diamond, which is more than $50 million.