Tips For Choosing Perfectly Weighed Loose Cushion Cut Diamonds

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Loose Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Loose Cushion-Cut Diamonds

When choosing diamond engagement rings, the carat weight of the center stone has a significant influence on the price of the ring. You must also know that the cut and the shape of the stone also impact whether the stone looks true to its carat weight. Keep in mind that stones with the same weight but different shapes can have varying sizes, and this is because of the difference in how they are cut. In this article, we will discuss in detail tips to choose the perfect carat weight for a loose cushion-cut diamond.

The Cushion-Cut Diamond

The cushion-cut diamond is a combination of modern round brilliant-cut and old mine-cut. It has the appearance of a pillow, and hence the name “cushion-cut”.

A cushion-cut diamond has many internal facets, and this makes it shine. Also, its shape makes it look larger and maximizes the carat weight. So, a 1-carat cushion-cut loose diamond will appear larger than a 1-carat princess or round-cut diamond. Due to this reason, cushion-cut diamond rings are popular among brides.

The Size Of Cushion-Cut Diamonds

It is hard to predict the weight of a loose cushion-cut diamond based on its size.

Below is the list for cushion-cut diamond sizes and their weight:

  • 2 mm = 0.40 ct
  • 9 mm = 0.50 ct
  • 25 mm = 0.75 ct
  • 5 mm = 1.00 ct
  • 6 mm = 1.25 ct
  • 5 mm = 1.50 ct
  • 7 mm = 2.00 ct
  • 5 mm = 2.50 ct
  • 8 mm = 3.00 ct
  • 5 mm = 3.50 ct
  • 9 mm = 4.12 ct
  • 5 mm = 5.09 ct
  • 10 mm = 5.62 ct
  • 11 mm = 7.44 ct
  • 12 mm = 9.52 ct
  • 13 mm = 12.66 ct

Selecting A 1-Carat Cushion-Cut Loose Diamond

Apart from the carat weight, you must also check the following parameters when looking for good quality loose cushion-cut diamonds:

  • Depth: Under 70%
  • Table: Under 70%
  • Length To Width Ratio: Your personal preference
  • Polish And Symmetry: Good, very good, and excellent

Remember that in the case of cushion-cut diamonds, it can be difficult to evaluate the quality of the stone solely based on the numbers. So, if you are not experienced, then it is recommended that you seek the opinion of a gemologist or an expert. Furthermore, it is safe to go for a loose cushion-cut diamond with an excellent or good quality cut because the cutting process affects the appearance of the stone.