Things to Do if your Engagement Ring Prong is Loose

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When you wear a piece of diamond jewelry throughout the day, it is open to a great deal of slamming, pulling, and bending. Engagement rings are prone to most wear and tear of any bit of adornments. Hence, there are some fundamental checks you ought to do. One of the common issues with engagement rings is the slackening of prongs because of day-by-day wear. While it may not sound like a major problem, a prong being free is one of the most well-known ways diamonds drop out of wedding bands. Below is a discussion on the ways to deal with a loose prong in your cushion cut diamond engagement ring.

First Things First

Probably the greatest error that people commit is to keep wearing their engagement ring since they don’t believe that the issue is a major one. They may also state they will visit their gem specialist later. In truth, the main thing that is shielding you from losing or chipping your flawless diamond or gemstones is a couple of sensitive little prongs, so why take the risk? Consider these ways to ensure that your ring remains safe while you aren’t wearing it.

How to Check if your Prongs are Loose

To check if your prongs are free, there are two approaches you may use effectively. The initial method is to tap the ring gently with your fingernail and check whether it makes any sound. If you hear a rattling voice, this implies your precious stone is moving and that your prongs are free. The next path is to attempt physically to move your diamond with your fingernail. In case you can move the jewel or wind the precious stone around with your nails you have to remove your ring straight away, since your stone has certainly gotten free in the setting.

What you Should Do

Like you would do with any damaged machine or vehicle, make sure you get help from the experts. Each gem dealer knows how to fix a twisted or broken prong, so you should never try to fix the prongs on your own. This is regardless of how sure you are that you could take care of the work. There have been several instances from lost to chipped stones caused by individuals attempting to fix the prongs themselves.

Fixing prongs is a common work for jewelers. As a general rule, if the prongs are simply bowed a bit, they can be easily rectified. However, if the prongs are severed, or broken, they should be replaced.

Consider the above facts if you want to ensure the safety of the prongs and hence the diamond in your engagement ring.