The Significance of Buying Certified Diamonds

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Certified Diamonds

Buying Certified Diamonds

Diamond is a very expensive stone, and hence, buying it needs some extra care. If you plan to buy diamonds, you need to look for certified diamonds that are graded by a gemological laboratory according to the 4 C’s of a diamond, namely Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. Certified diamonds are verified for quality, and thus, you can purchase it with confidence without having to blindly trust the retailer.

The key features of certified diamond include:

  • Better value when compared to the non-certified ones, especially for upgrading and resale.
  • Ease of comparing the attributes than visual inspection alone.

You need to make sure that you get the diamond certificate from a third party lab rather than from one related directly to the jeweler. In addition, check if that particular laboratory holds the history of grading practices and has a high reputation.

Yet another important thing you need to know is the difference between a diamond certificate and diamond appraisal. The former provides a fair analysis of the quality of the diamond provided by a gemological laboratory, while the latter is prepared by the specific seller denoting the stone’s estimated value for purposes like insurance.

Points to Consider While Buying Diamonds

You have to choose a diamond shape that suits your style well. Round diamonds are a great and traditional choice. However, if you like different shapes you can try buying pear cut, marquise cut, heart cut, oval cut, etc., according to your choice. Given below are some important factors to note while buying any diamond cut.

Carat Weight

As you may know, carat weight determines the expense of the stone to a great extent. You can look for a larger size stone with good quality that fits your budget. However, do not sacrifice the quality of the diamond for size.

Diamond Color

Diamonds are graded from D to Z range. The color grade D is the most colorless one, and obviously, the most expensive of all. As the range moves from D to Z, the color and the cost of the diamond reduces.

Diamond Cut

Diamond cuts are graded on a range varying from Excellent/Ideal to Poor. The better the cut grade is, the more brilliance the diamond will have. Poor cut grades will have very low brilliance and sparkle.

Diamond Clarity

The diamond clarity ratings are from FL to I3. FL is the best diamond clarity and denotes that the stone is Flawless, which means it has no inclusions. Make sure you buy a diamond that does not have any inclusions visible to the naked eyes.


Fluorescence of diamonds is graded from None to Very Strong. Even though this factor does not affect the quality of the diamond, you can look for Medium, Faint, or None in grade scale to assess the value of your diamond.