The Pros And Cons Of Opting Loose Cut Diamonds

Trillion Cut Loose Diamond

Loose Cut Diamonds

Loose Cut Diamonds

There are many factors to consider when purchasing engagement rings as they are a token of that very special event. The most important deciding element is the type of centre stone used as it has the biggest share in the price of diamond engagement ring. The price varies according to the type of cut and to keep the price within a limited budget, loose cut diamonds are a good option. Listed below are the pros and cons of different types of loose diamond cuts.

Loose Emerald Cut Diamond

Pros: Has the illusion of elongating the finger of the wearer and lager than round cut

Con: Because of the large flat surface the imperfections can be easily detected

These are classic loose cut diamonds and sought after for bridal engagement rings as they are cheaper than round cut diamonds. However, because of the large flat table like crown of the diamond, it easily displays imperfections and makes it difficult to hide them. It is a step cut diamond without many faces and hence less sparkle than round cut diamonds. Also, they might show some black area if not cut properly and jewelers can easily detect it by looking at it from different angles. So, when buying them ensure to get one with a good grading report.

Oval Cut Loose Diamonds

Pro: Creates the illusion of longer finger

Con: The Bow-tie effect

Oval cut is a type of modified round cut with brilliance similar to round cut diamonds and that makes a woman’s finger look elongated. The disadvantage is the bow-tie effect which is essentially caused by uneven light distribution because of not having enough depth. This is something that you wouldn’t see based on the grading report, but the jeweler will have to look for it from all angles.

Pear Cut Diamonds

Pro: It masks imperfections very well

Cons: Bow-tie effects and the pointed end can easily chip

It is a combination of marquise and round brilliant giving the pear cut and has got great brilliance which helps in masking the imperfections. It has the added advantage of creating illusion that makes the finger of the wearer appear longer. However, it has the bow-tie effect similar to that of the oval cut diamond mentioned earlier. Also, you must take extra precaution because the chances of the pointed tip chipping away is higher.

Round Cut Loose Diamonds

Pros: Has maximum sparkle

Cons: Higher price tag

This is the most popular and sought-after loose cut diamonds because of its brilliance and the ability to hide flaws. However, the higher price tag is a bummer and choosing it can significantly increase the budget of the diamond engagement ring.

So, if you want to reduce budget for the diamond engagement ring, then choosing loose cut diamonds for the centre stone would be the ideal choice.