The Four Stages of Diamond Journey

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Diamond Journey

Stages Of Diamond Journey

Customers who are in the market to buy diamond engagement rings will not be familiar with some of the terminologies used by jewelers. One of the most common terms that you will hear countless numbers of times when you are shopping for diamond rings would certainly be “diamond journey”.

In simple words, diamond journey is a term that refers to the story that transformed a rough diamond into a polished diamond. Every diamond has its own unique story, and the transformation of a rough, raw rock into one of the most beautiful materials in the world is a story that each one of us should know. Below is a quick look at the four stages of a natural diamonds’ journey.

Rough Mapping

The physical attributes and properties of each natural diamond vary from stone to stone. Based on their properties, jewelers and manufacturers use these diamonds for a number of uses. The transformation of a rough diamond to a polished one is achieved with the help of rough mapping process. The rough diamond is mapped by manufacturers in order to draft the external surface and internal birthmarks of the diamond.

Rough Planning

Diamond cutters implement a number of processes and techniques to cut and polish naturally occurring rough diamond stones. The techniques used by jewelers may significantly vary based on the composition of the stones. During the rough planning stage, diamond cutters determine an ideal cutting plan in order to increase the appeal and value of natural diamonds.

Diamond Sawing

If jewelers want to cut the rough diamond into different segments, then they will use advanced laser sawing options on the stone to achieve the desired results. These techniques, which include pie sawing, minimize the weight loss of the rough diamond and considerably increase its precision. Diamond sawing is actually a delicate process, and if not performed well, this process can bring serious damages to the stone.

Diamond Polishing

In the last stage of the diamond journey, professional diamond cutters incorporate the use of different methods to polish the rough surface of naturally occurring diamonds. Jewelers carefully examine the visual aspects of the stone throughout the diamond polishing process in order to ensure that the diamond is polished with great precision and accuracy.