The Benefits of Purchasing a Diamond at Wholesale Prices

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The term “wholesale” refers to the process where the trader buys bulk orders of a product from manufacturers, and by doing so, he or she is able to negotiate a considerably lower price in relation to what the customer will pay for the product. In the diamond industry, wholesale suggests that the trader purchases from the diamond cutter and sells loose diamonds to the end consumer.

Buying diamonds at wholesale price is quite a bargain for them as it avoids middlemen. Besides, some of those who are into loose cut diamonds wholesale business ply their trade via online platforms, so it leaves out the overhead costs too. In short, that will include everything from the cost of shipment to packaging and everything in between.

Benefits of Purchasing Loose Diamond

If you know what the wholesale diamond business is supposed to be, then you will realize it is one where you buy from a trader having direct links to the stonecutter. Of course, there are several benefits to purchasing loose cut diamonds. For an uninitiated, a loose diamond is one that is cut and polished, but not set into a piece of jewelry.

  • You can find a stone with the right shape, size, clarity, and color for a lower price in loose diamonds. This is way better than the kind of deals you could get in a jewelry store, although purchasing from a retail outlet also comes with its own set of benefits.
  • You can have a diamond cut into just the shape you want and have the stone set in a metal band of your choice.
  • You can also have a say in the design of your ring, and have one custom made in exactly how you would like to be made.

These advantages basically let you use your ring design ideas, and give your lover the perfect piece in her mind. As a diamond makes the perfect token of love for a woman, you can purchase one that is not mounted in an engagement ring and turn the stone into something your ladylove will appreciate. Purchasing a wholesale diamond also means you are not spending an obscene sum on it.

In fact, the diamond market also comes with raw diamonds that are not set into a piece of jewelry. While rough diamonds may not offer you the kind of sparkle that you are after, they are sold at a considerably lower price than loose diamonds themselves.