Styles and Settings for Princess Cut Engagement Rings

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Engagement Ring Styles

Princess cut diamond ring is one of the most desirable choices for people who are looking for something much more than the classic solitaire ring. The beautiful cut has a characterized square shape which features both brilliant cuts and standard step. The princess diamond that is set in this ring will have about fifty facets which are relatively small when compared to the round brilliant cut but far bigger than the rectangular emerald cut.

It is the unique shape of the diamond that makes the princess cut engagement ring special. The ring would look spectacularly beautiful, even if it has only a single princess cut diamond centerpiece, or if it is set with other additional side stones. Princess cut diamond rings are also available in a number of different settings and styles.

Style and Setting

Princess cut falls within the most popular ring styles desired by the modern day brides. Therefore, it is very easy to find a good quality, princess cut engagement ring. The price of the ring would vary based on the quality of the stone, size, extra detailing, and also depending on the ring metal.

Princess Solitaire

In a princess cut solitaire ring, the diamond would either be set at an angle for enhancing the shape of the diamond or set parallel to the band. There are also many variations to the style of prongs used in the setting. You could either use a classic Tiffany setting or the cathedral setting. It is also possible to set it lower to the ring level using a bezel or tension setting.

The metal which is chosen for the ring as well plays a significant role in enhancing the beauty of the solitaire ring. Platinum and white gold are the most common metal choices as these metals would be able to elevate the sleek and modern outlook of the ring. However, yellow gold too could be used for the ring. Some people also opt for a combination of different metals for making the ring look more unique and modern.

Channel Setting

Princess cut diamonds could also be set using the channel setting. In this setting, you would be able to find the stones set to the groves in the band other than being grasped on top of the ring with the help of prongs. Moreover, as all the stones are square shaped they could be laid next to each other without the addition of gaps in between two adjacent stones. In addition, this would also brighten up the ring band. This setting is commonly used in the bridal wedding bands as well as the wedding bands for men.

Three Stone Design

At times, people also set additional stones in the princess cut engagement rings for increasing the fire of the ring. When the ring is set using a total of three center stones, it is called the three stone setting. The three stone setting is also a commonly preferred variation for the princess cut ring. You could use numerous designs using smaller princess cut diamonds, baguettes or emerald cuts. Furthermore, you could also customize the ring by using different diamond shapes like round or the pear-shaped diamond. It is also a good idea to purchase a beautiful loose princess cut diamond and then set it to your ring.

Diamond Together With Other Gemstones

You could also design your ring with a princess cut center stone along with other gemstones as the accent stones. The main highlight of this design would be the princess cut center diamond which would be complemented by the additional gemstones. Most of the people use the combination of diamond with rubies, sapphires, amethyst, and blue topaz for their engagement ring. This would be an awesome option if you would like to have a unique engagement ring.

Shopping a Princess Cut Ring

You would be able to find a vast collection of solitaire set rings with a princess cut center diamond. If you are purchasing the ring online, then you would be able to get a more comprehensive selection of engagement rings. What you would have to really look for when purchasing your ring online is, to ensure that the site has provided you a picture of the original ring. Never buy a ring without seeing the actual picture of it.

Evaluating the Price

There are a number of factors that determine the price of the engagement ring other than the size and cut of the center diamond. A large number of the princess cut engagement rings uses several side stones which could add to the total carat weight of the ring thus increasing the total price of the ring. It is true that the princess cut ring is a budget-friendly ring option, however, there could be a tremendous increase in the ring price if you add more side stones to it.