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Interesting Diamond Facts

The beautiful and fascinating gemstones, diamonds are naturally occurring stones that undergo exposure to extreme heat and temperature conditions under the crust of the Earth. Even though diamonds are available in the market in a wide variety of colors, fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare when compared to colorless diamonds.

Most of the fancy colored diamonds available in the market are usually discovered from the mines of Brazil, Australia, and Africa. The rarest and most valuable type of fancy colored diamond available out there is undoubtedly the red diamond. Reports from several reliable sources claim that just twenty to thirty red colored diamonds are known to exist and the carat size of most of these stones was less than half.

As you would probably, the color of fancy colored diamonds is due to the presence of impurities within them, which get in the stone at the time of their formation process. However, the distinct color of red diamonds is not due to the presence of any impurities; instead, it is due to a very rare occurrence in the atomic structure of red diamonds.

Another interesting thing you should know about red diamonds is that they have the unique ability to appear differently colored when viewed under different lighting environments. Red diamonds look elegant and beautiful in candlelight and daylight, whereas they look worst when they are placed under fluorescent light. Regardless, some of the world-famous red diamonds that were mined from the crust of the Earth are as follows.

The Hancock Red Diamond

The Hancock Red Diamond is one of the famous and expensive red diamonds ever mined. The carat weight of this stunning round brilliant cut stone is estimated to be around 0.95 cts. The rare purplish color of the Hancock Red Diamond made it immensely famous among diamond collectors.

The Moussaieff Red Diamond

The Moussaieff Red Diamond, which is popularly called the ‘Red Shield’ is an internally flawless fancy red gemstone that weighs around 5.11 carats. This stunning triangular brilliant cut stone was originally discovered by a Brazilian farmer in the early 1990’s. The Moussaieff Red Diamond is the largest red colored diamond in the entire world.

The Supreme Purple Star

The round brilliant Supreme Purple Star is another famous red diamond in the world. The exact clarity and color of this stone have not yet been revealed, but its carat size is estimated to be around 2 to 5 cts. The color of this red colored stone looks deep purple from one angle and purplish red from another angle.