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Loose European Cut Diamonds

Loose European Cut Diamonds

Diamonds that were mined out and cut to perfection anywhere between 1300 and 1930, popularly go by the name antique diamonds and European cut diamonds. Antique diamonds are largely available in the following varieties namely; Single Cut, Old Mine Cut, Rose Cut, and Old European Cut. The following discussion focuses on why you should purchase loose cut diamonds; more specifically, loose European cut diamonds.

Warm Color

Almost all of the diamonds that belong to this category fall in color grade  J, K, L, M, P, Q, or R. These are preferred by customers who are not a big fan of the bling! All the loose European cut diamonds come in warm colors.


When compared to the modern cut diamonds, the European or antique cut diamonds are less expensive. This is mainly because the antique cut diamonds do not require the cost of mining using the new technique and all of the other associated expenses. Thus, if as a buyer you are in the market for purchasing antique cut diamonds, you will be purchasing these at nearly 20% lesser cost than any of the modern cut diamonds.

Environment Friendly

Vintage rocks are more sustainable as well as environmentally friendly when compared to the modern cut diamonds. Therefore by purchasing an antique cut diamond, you are doing your part in reducing the social impact of mining out new modern cut diamonds. This ultimately guarantees you peace of mind.


In the present era, walking into a jewelry store and finding an extensive range of antique or vintage diamonds is a rare occurrence. This type of diamond is unique and special and therefore you will only find such rocks with high-end jewelers.


These diamonds are indeed more than a few hundred years old. However, this does not essentially mean that they will not have any legitimate certificate attached to them. European cut diamonds and all other major antique cut diamonds available in the markets today are certified by GIA and AGS. The certification is made on the grounds of the famous 4C’s.

Color Options

Loose European cut diamonds for sale is available in more in the traditional and the most common white color. A majority of the reputable sellers of this type of loose cut diamonds keep stunning yellow diamonds in stock.

When compared to modern cut diamonds, the European cut diamonds offer a beautiful and soft appearance. Custom made vintage style diamonds are an excellent choice.