Pros And Cons Of Oval Cut Diamonds

Diamonds are what dreams are made of. To catch a glimpse of the shimmering gem in all its glory is enough to make you heave a resounding sigh, the same way when you see a beautiful maiden strut by.

Diamonds bring onto the table their worth in terms of their rarity and its astounding brilliance. Ladies, you know all too well, you can draw the attention of even the most inattentive man in the room, if you’re brandishing one of these bad boys on your finger.

Diamonds come in a variety of colours and this is what makes it seem fit for anyone and any occasion. The value grows dependent on the skill and craftsmanship of the diamond cutter in whose hands this falls into. Diamonds can for that reason be cut into a variety of angular shapes from oval to rose, and pear cut to a marquise. Today our focus falls squarely on what makes the oval shaped cut tick. We’ll be having a look into its benefits anddrawbacks. We have it all covered today all the way from A to Z!

If you want to play it safe then go for this timeless and evergreen cut because he oval cut would be where you want to place your bets! This is one cut that originated in the 1960’s and has been steadily holding the limelight on itself even after all these years. This is one particular cut that is imbued with elegance and candour that rivals most other cuts out there.


Apple Of My Eye In An Understatement

As you know that the shine, splendour and brilliance of a finished diamond piece is very much hinged on the quality of the cut. An oval cut is by far, one of the cuts that stand out. Plenty of sparkle to go about! If you are to go with this safe choice, then rest assured that you won’t go short in the bling department!

Blunt Edges       

This particular cut of diamond is one you can wear every day. The reason being that oval cut diamonds don’t have very sharp edges. Cast it into a gold diamond oval ring and voila, you have the perfect package. The practicality of this diamond oval cut prevents it from being chipped easily and latching onto any surfaces when you’re going about your day.

Makes Your Fingers Shed A Few Pounds

This is one cut that acts as a slimming vest, but for your fingers. It is a cut that does justice, in not only making itself look good but also the person wearing it.

Easy On The Wallet

Oval cut diamonds are comparatively cheaper, and have a few lesser zero’s on its tag. One other thing to consider is that, this cut makes the diamond seem larger due to the depth of the cut. A well so deep you know your gaze will never climb out of it.

Oval Cut Diamonds
Pros Cons
High sparkle Expose flaws
Blunt edges Bowtie effect
Finger look slender Not for Slim fingers

Another more affordable option is lab grown diamonds. These diamonds look like the typical diamond, however they are easy on the wallet and will save you money.


A Trained Eye Can See Its Flaws

The oval cut diamond because of its gaping lattice tends to easily show flaws if any. Inclusion, cuts, discolorations and blemishes are for all to see. Due to this very reason, you may need a clarity of grade VS1 or higher and colour grading of G or better to be able to get by. The oval cut diamonds owing to its lower cost, however gives you a bit of breathing room to invest in a better grading in terms of colour and clarity.

The Bowtie Effect

The reason forthis happening is because of the way in which the oval cut diamond is made.  The light that enters into it is not distributed uniformly throughout, instead merges at the centre creating a sort of “bowtie”.  But this is a common occurrence in most oval cut diamonds. In some it may be light and fair, whereas in others it will be much more prominent to the eye. So be sure to see how well you get used to seeing it staring at you from the centre of the ring before you buy it!

All in all, the oval cut diamond makes a fair deal with regards to the monetary and aesthetic value it brings forward to the table. It certainly makes for an excellent option, if your constraint is the thickness of your wallet. The oval cut goes well with most occasions, and can also be considered as an investment for the long haul.

However, prior to the purchase make sure the grading with regards to the colour and clarity surpass what has been mentioned earlier.