Things to Know about European and Antique Diamond Cuts

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Antique cut diamonds are rare and exceptional diamonds that offer soft and beautiful appearance than modern cut diamonds. These diamonds are great choices for the ones who look for antique and vintage styles.

What exactly are European and Antique Diamond Cuts?

Antique and European cut diamonds are those that were mined and cut between the years 1300 and 1930. Many varieties of antique diamond cuts are widely available in the market depending on the period and jeweler who cut those stones. Most of the antique cut diamonds out there have a very romantic and soulful appearance. The most distinctive feature of these diamonds is that these are not sparkly like most modern cut stones.

Antique diamond cuts offer a softer look and larger faceting, most of which are made to be viewed in the candlelight to offer a romantic feel and soft glow. The antique appearance attracts most people who appreciate vintage style.

Types of Antique Cut Diamonds

Not all vintage diamond cuts are the same, and there are several different cuts within the antique category such as rose cut, single cut, European cuts, and old mine cuts. Below are a few of them.

Single Cut

The single-cut diamonds are also known as eight cuts. These diamonds dates back to the 1300s and they features eight crown facets along with eight pavilion facets. The octagonal shapes of these stones add to its simple and elegant design and set them apart.

Rose Cut

Rose-cut is one of the oldest diamond cuts that feature anywhere from three to twenty-four facets. It resembles the shape of the bloom of a rosebud and was first introduced in the 1500s. It is flat at the bottom and is in the shape of a dome-shaped crown which allows the meeting of the facets at an apex in the center. The rose cut diamond is widely popular as it symbolizes love and romance.

Old Mine Cut

The old mine cut has arrived into the jewelry world since the 1700s and has managed to remain popular throughout the Victorian and Georgian eras. It mostly resembles the cushion cut because of its square shape. The jewelers often followed the rough shape of the diamond cut to reduce the loss of the crystal which comes out of the ground.

Old mine cut diamonds are known for their large culet, deep pavilion, high crown, and its small table. It has 58 facets and an asymmetrical shape that offers a distinctive and poetic feel.

Old European Cut

The old European cut date back to the 1800s, and has remained to be an existing design throughout the Art Deco period, Victorian era, and the Edwardian era. The old European cut is very similar to the old mine cut and features a small table, large cullet, and a high crown.

This diamond cut is round in shape and is been cut less precisely which, in turn, makes its shape more organic. The old European cut is also regarded as one of the most advanced antique cuts.

Reasons to Choose an Antique or European Cut Diamond?

There two main reasons to choose antique or European cut diamonds.

For people who are fond of more vintage and antique styles, it would be a great option to wear a stone that’s one of a kind, rather than buying a diamond that is similar to others’. European and antique cut diamonds offer a classic and romantic feel to your diamond ring.

Secondly, an antique diamond will be a better option especially for people who look for a more sustainable choice. Choosing a diamond that is repurposed avoiding the cause of environmental and social damage can be enlightening for others too to choose jewelry that does not cause harm to the environment.

Selecting conflict-free diamonds, and choosing them from sustainable sources is becoming more popular and meaningful. Choosing a vintage cut diamond can offer you a lot of peace of mind in knowing that you are choosing an environmentally friendly product for everyone’s good.

Loose European Cut Diamonds are less expensive than modern cut diamonds. These diamonds do not require new mining and related costs of mining. An antique cut diamond of similar cart weight will be twenty percent less expensive when compared to a modern cut diamond. This advantage allows customers to save money which also allows them to spend it on the setting.

Most of the antique cut diamonds are sold as loose diamonds and this will provide you an opportunity to design a custom setting that compliments your style. You will be able to design an entirely new setting with the help of a jeweler who crafts ring settings with most precision as well as fine detailing. For more information on building diamond engagement rings, visit