A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing between Princess Cut and Round Brilliant Cut

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Diamond-Cut Guide

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a lifetime investment. It is something which will be worn for a long time. Therefore, it is important to choose a ring very carefully. This applies especially to the diamond shape. Round cut diamonds and Princess cut diamonds are among the most popular and attractive shapes. It is important to consider their major aspects if you are confused about choosing them. Below is a discussion regarding the loose princess cut diamond and round brilliant cut diamond.

Princess-Cut Diamonds vs. Round Cut Diamonds

Brilliant round cut diamonds have been among the most popular diamond shape since they were first introduced. They have 58 facets and still maintains the major portion of the stone’s actual weight. They capture the light beautifully due to their symmetry. As a result, they highlight their brilliance, sparkle, and natural fire.

Round Cut Diamond

Creating a round diamond is not an easy task. However, due to modern techniques, it is possible to create round brilliant-cut even for smaller diamonds by adding maximum beauty and brightness.

Princess-Cut Diamond

They are uniquely shaped and have a high degree of sparkle. They are characterized by a square profile and may have a rectangular outline. This depends on the cut of the original diamond. There are 58 facets which are in a similar position as the round cut diamonds.

Affordability of Princess Cut or Round Cut Diamonds

Several factors affect the price of a diamond. Usually, you will observe that square princess diamonds are more affordable in comparison to round brilliant diamonds. They have a low price-per-carat rate that the latter.

Diamond cutters make use of 80% of the rough diamond as they make a princess cut diamond. This means that about 20% of the rough diamond is wasted. This is not the case when the round cut diamonds are made. A higher amount of rough diamonds is lost in their creation. Note that the creation of round cut diamond wastes more diamond than any other diamond cut.

If you are looking for an affordable version of the princess cut diamond, try to get one with a somewhat rectangular profile. The diamond wastage is higher when a square-shaped diamond is created. Hence, they cost higher than the rectangular princess cut diamonds.

The round cut diamonds have higher sparkle than any other cut while princess cut diamonds have slightly lesser brilliance. Make sure you consider the above factors if you are looking to purchase the diamonds.