7 Famous Natural Fancy Color Diamonds of South Africa

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Though typically, diamonds are considered as colorless stones, they are also found in many different colors. Many of the most valuable and rarest natural fancy color diamonds are found in South Africa. The diamond mines in South Africa has produced many significant fancy diamonds through the years. Here are some of the most famous natural fancy color diamonds of South Africa.

The Golden Jubilee

 It was in 1985 that this brown cushion-cut diamond was discovered at the Premier mine. This diamond is renowned for its size and color and is still one of the largest cut and faceted diamonds with a carat weight of 545.67.

Heart of Eternity Blue Diamond

 This precious diamond was discovered in the Premier Diamond Mine, which is well known for the discovery of blue diamonds. This diamond is considered one of the most beautiful blue diamonds in the world. This exceptional diamond with a carat weight of 27.64 was purchased by a private collector.

The Cullinan Dream

 This is another blue diamond found at the Premier mine in the year 1905. It is a 24.18 carat diamond and is considered as the biggest and most expensive blue diamond that was sold in an auction.

The Star of Josephine

This fancy blue diamond was found in 2014 at the Cullinan diamond mine. It weighs about 12.03 carats and is widely accepted as one of the most flawless blue diamonds ever known. It has an estimated value of R660 million.

The Sun of Africa Yellow Diamond

 This 127 carat yellow diamond was discovered at the Kimberley mines of South Africa in the year 2007 and was later taken to the Netherlands where it was cut and polished. It is assuredly one of the very unique gemstones.

The Kazanjian Red Diamond

 This is one of the most beautiful diamonds ever found. It is a very rare stone and was found in Lichtenberg in 1927. With a weight of 5.05 carats, it is worth R683 million. Presently it is the second largest red diamond in the world.

The Oppenheimer

 This is the diamond which kept the onlookers stunned because of its spectacular beauty and amazing color. This unique piece was discovered at the Dutoitspan Mine at Kimberley underground. It has a yellow color and has a weight of 253.7 carats.

Though South Africa is known mainly for the colorless diamonds, it has also put before the world some of the most unique and magnificent natural fancy color diamonds.