What Is Unique about Asscher Cut Diamonds?

Asscher Cut Loose Diamond Wholesale

Interesting Diamond Facts

Asscher cut diamonds when set as the single centered stone in the ring, it stands out from every other stereotypical engagement rings. Several studies that were done on this also proves that nearly 40% of the sold engagement rings of Asscher cut diamond is sold when they are set at the center. Dissimilar quality and facets differentiate Asscher cut diamonds from the princess cut, although both are square cut diamonds.

Historical Significance of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Since its inceptions in 1902, the stone invented by Asscher Brothers are being praised by the jewelry lovers for all these years and is still one of the most preferred choices for the makers. Therefore, the stone was set in several antique jewelry sets from the 1920s onwards. As it lacked a chunkier look, unfortunately, the popularity of Asscher diamonds ceased. However, the stone was revived back with few modifications in the cut so as to offer more brilliance than its older counterpart.

Interesting Dimensions of the Cut

The finely cut geometrical pattern of Asscher diamond almost resembles the square cut emerald diamonds but differs in the fact that the former has got a smaller table. There are larger and more parallel stepped facets in the Asscher cut diamond. A magnificent dazzling effect is emitted from the crown of the stone, which is cut high. Concentric squares inside the diamond make them elegant and unique, rather different from the generic shimmer.

Perfect Fit for Everyday Use

The very chance of chipping or getting other damages on the naked corners is almost a rarity for the Asscher diamonds, which is due to the cropped edges of the stones. Besides, the four prongs of the center stone secure them perfectly, averting the possibilities of getting lost.

Intriguing Proportional Characteristics

They are claimed to be one of the most proportionally cut diamonds, as the length to width ratio is 1.00 for the square diamonds. Such diamonds are most profoundly created with 74 facets. However, along with asserting variations in the shapes of the Asscher loose cut diamonds whether they are either slightly rectangular or square affects the length to width ratio. Asscher cut diamonds at times appear as square when actually they are rectangular if the length to width ratio is either equal to 1.05 or less than that.