Things You Need to Know When Buying Heart Shaped Loose Diamonds

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Heart Shaped Loose Diamonds

Your commitment and admiration to your special one will be evident in a heart-shaped diamond. The brilliant-cut heart-shaped diamond will be a unique symbol of your love to your beloved.

You need to be extremely careful about the symmetry of the heart-shaped diamond that you buy. It is very important that the two halves of the heart-shaped diamond are identical. The two lobes must be linked with a distinct and sharp cleft and also a silhouette which is slightly rounded must be featured on the wings or the sides curving down to the point.

If you are planning to buy a heart-shaped diamond, make sure that you don’t buy one which weighs less than 0.50 carats. The reason is that it will be very difficult to identify the heart shape in smaller diamonds especially after they are set on prongs. If you are planning to set the diamond on a ring by yourself, it will be good if you set it with three prongs or in a Bezel setting with one prong to the point and two to the lobes thereby giving ultimate protection to the entire diamond.

The heart-shaped loose diamonds are available in various silhouettes from fat to narrow. It is important to notice the length to width ratio of the heart-shaped diamond that you are buying. This ratio you prefer will depend on the use for which you are buying the diamond. An ideal heart shaped diamond has a ratio of about 1.00. If you want your diamond to be implanted on a pendant, a narrower cut (1.05-1.15) can be preferred. A wider cut (0.85-1.00) of the heart-shaped diamond will look ideal if you want to set it on a solitaire ring.

The color and clarity of the heart-shaped loose diamond can be decided according to your personal choice. A heart-shaped diamond which is perfectly flawless can be very costly. But the truth is that it is very difficult to find the difference between a flawless diamond and a diamond with inclusions.

While you purchase your heart-shaped loose diamond, make sure that you have the details of the diamond with you. You should know the length to width ratio, other measurements and also the diamond must have the certificate of GIA or of the AGSL.

Undoubtedly, the excitement of sharing your feelings with a heart-shaped engagement ring is so special.