The Main Diamond Sales Seasons

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Diamond Sales Guide

Diamonds are the world’s foremost gemstones, and few would dispute that. Some times of the year see a lot of spending when it comes to diamonds and jewelry. These are when jewelry retailers are the busiest, because that’s when consumers flock to them en masse.

Valentine’s Day

A time that speaks of love and romance better than any other, Valentine’s Day is one of the most preferred times for people to buy gifts, diamonds included. The main thing to be noted here is that a lot of people do their shopping almost spontaneously, unlike spending weeks or months planning the way they would for Christmas. Close to half of Valentine’s Day shoppers start their shopping just a week or two before the big day.

Mother’s Day

This day lands in May in the U.S., and has long since become a commercialized occasion which pushes retail sales up. Jewelry, needless to mention, is one of the segments which enjoy the perks of that. A lot of jewelry retailers focus their efforts on simple campaigns leading up to this time of year, and doing that generally seems to pay off in oodles for them as well as for many consumers.

Black Friday

Regarding consumer shopping, you cannot find a busier day than Black Friday. This along with Cyber Monday makes for the weekend of the year for people looking to land the best bargains of their lifetimes. This holds true in the case of diamonds and jewelry as well. Black Friday is perhaps also the best time for bargain hunting, including if you want a 1 carat princess cut loose diamond.


Forbes recently studied and found that close to a fifth of the annual sales at jewelry stores happen during December, which makes sense because a fourth of shoppers prefer giving jewelry gifts on Christmas. Jewelry will never cease to be a popular choice this time of year, and people invest themselves highly when it comes to buying, whether on the emotional or the financial front.

Boxing Day

This mainly applies to those living in the Commonwealth countries. Boxing Day falls on the 26th of December, and is known widely as a time of year when bargain-spotting is easiest after the big day itself, including if you want to buy a 2 carat princess cut diamond loose.

These are some of the times of the year when diamond sales hike up markedly. If you are looking for a bargain, waiting for one of these could mean you land the bargain of your dreams.