Pave Settings and Their Features

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Pave Settings Facts

A pavé setting is derived from the French word which means “to pave,” like paved with diamonds. In a pavé setting, tiny diamonds line the band. The metal beads or prongs which hold the diamonds in place are difficult to see. The diamond used in a pavé setting is of the range 0.01- 0.02 carats. There are also diamonds smaller than these which are called micro-pavé diamonds. Below is a discussion on the pavé setting and its features when setting on loose princess cut diamond.

A gem specialist regularly penetrates holes into the band, and cautiously puts the little diamonds into the gaps. Little beads or small prongs are brought around every diamond to ensure their stability. If you use a pavé ring, there is a guarantee of constant shine and sparkle.

Choosing a Pavé Engagement Ring

A pavé setting is a great choice for somebody with a rich, immortal style. The presence of tiny diamonds and extra details add depth to the ring.

Picking a pavé setting displays your character, without diverting from the central diamond. It combines well with different sorts of settings like solitaires, three-stone rings, and halos. Regardless of the style you need, you can include pavé detailing on most occasions.

Pros and Cons Of A Pavé Setting

When picking a setting configuration, think about the style of the wearer in addition to the degree of maintenance it will need. Compare the benefits and downsides of a pavé setting before making the ultimate choice.


  • Focuses on the center stone
  • Contributes to the ring’s general brightness and excellence
  • Offers additional radiance to a lower-set or less sparkly focus stone
  • Plans are accessible in an advanced or vintage style


  • Estimating and resizing can be troublesome if the ring is pave-set around the full band
  • Even though very improbable, there is a slight danger of losing side stones

It is generally recommended to decide on the ring size early on in the design procedure in order to avoid resizing issues later.

Buying Pavé Diamond Engagement Rings

Identifying the right design for your engagement ring is quite important. This is equally important as the place where you buy the diamond from. To get the best available offer and reliable service guaranteed, it is best to select a reputed vendor.

Consider the above facts if you are looking to purchase the pave settings for your loose princess cut diamond engagement ring.