All You Want to Know About Pavé Set Ring

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Pavé setting is one of the popular engagement ring settings that a lot of people are specifically seeking. The word Pavé is derived from the French word for “paving” and is pronounced as “pa-vey”. This design consists of small diamonds that line the band. These diamonds will help to accentuate the center stone creating a great sparkle for the ring. The diamonds will be set so close to each other so that the metal beneath them are not seen, and it also ensures that the prongs holding the diamonds will have less visibility. This is a beautiful design that makes your engagement ring more stunning and vibrant.

Why You Should Buy A Pavé Ring?

This is a wonderful choice for those who want a great sparkle for their rings at an affordable rate. As the individual stones set in this ring will be smaller and less visible, their cuts are very simple, hence, they are cheaper too. Also, the metal droplets that look like beads, which are used to hold the diamonds will also add to the visual appeal of the ring, as they are not very large.

One of the advantages of the pavé setting is that it suits every diamond shape including loose princess cut diamond, loose cushion cut diamond, loose emerald diamond, etc. Hence, you can choose the center stone as you like.

Maintenance of Pavé Ring

Usually, the pavé ring does not need much maintenance, as the stones will be held very tight together with the help of tiny prongs. These prongs will be pretty safe because they won’tbe worn out, broken off or bent easily like larger prongs. Hence, it is suitable for everyday use.

Tips for Buying Pavé Ring

When purchasing a pavé ring, you have to consider certain factors for making sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

First of all, pay good attention to the stones, as they can be easily get broken during the mounting if they are forced too hard into it. Hence, make sure that the stones are not chipped or broken when you buy a pavé ring.

Another important factor you have to consider is that the metal droplets which act as prongs are actually holding the diamonds tightly in the setting. There should not be any loose stones.

Also, the surface of the ring should be smooth and the stones should be well aligned. When you look at the setting with the help of a loupe, the stones should be arranged in a manner that they are very close to each other, but do not overlap. Otherwise, the pressure may result in the chipping of the stones.