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A round cut loose diamond will be the first option that may pop into the mind of most people when it comes to choosing the center stone for their diamond rings. In fact, round cut diamondsare the most popular options so far that are ruling the diamond industry. Note that approximately 70% of the total diamond sold in the market is round. However, most millennial couples tend to steer away from these clichéd options when it comes to their diamond engagement rings. Rather, they are migrating towards captivating fancy cut diamonds.  On a related note, any diamond cut that is not round is referred to as fancy cut diamonds.

Besides the alluring appeal of fancy cut diamonds, they are way more affordable when compared to their round counterparts. This is mainly because of the rough diamond wastage that is much higher in a round cut loose diamond in comparison to a fancy cut diamond. Similarly, there are many other factors that make fancy cut diamonds special. Two of those important facts that you must know if you are planning to purchase a fancy cut diamond ring are given below.

Some diamond ring settings complement fancy cut diamonds better

A prong setting is just perfect to enhance the beauty of a brilliant round cut loose diamond. Similarly, there are some particular diamond ring settings to enhance the beauty of a fancy cut diamond. Note that a three stone diamond ring setting with round accent diamonds will be a great choice to highlight the striking shape of fancy cut diamonds. Likewise, a halo setting will be ideal to accentuate the beauty of a loose cushion cut diamond. When it comes to pear cut and marquise diamonds, V-prongs or bezel setting will be perfect to complement its unique silhouette as well as to secure its pointed tips.

Choose metal settings strategically

You must be extremely watchful and strategic while choosing a metal setting for your fancy cut diamond rings. Not all metals will complement the visual appeal of a fancy cut stone. On a related note, some fancy cut diamonds such as emerald, Asscher, etc., feature a lesser number of facets on its table. This will make it challenging to hide the inclusions and color tints within these stones. So, you must always consider colored metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, etc., to balance these imperfections in such diamond cuts. In case you set an Asscher or emerald cut diamond using a lighter metal like platinum, its mirror-like reflection will contrast the color tints and inclusions in the stone and will emphasize it to the fullest.