Impact of Improved Diamond Technologies on Diamond Production

Loose Cut Diamonds

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Advanced Diamond Technology

Diamond technology has been making steady progress all these years. It has brought diamond cutters from their small rooms with their magnifying glasses to the sophisticated machines doing all the important jobs to finish the diamond jewelry. Below are a few diamond technologies that have resulted in advanced diamond products.

Diamond Polishing

Diamond polishing has been an important part of diamond processing since it became an integral part of jewelry. This is especially the case with Israel based jewelers, who are reputed to be the best polishers of diamonds in the world. Israeli polishing technology is used extensively across the world. Processes like bruiting, industrial cutting, and automated polishing machines from Israel are used for this purpose.

Online Diamond Buying

With the use of high-speed internet technology, it is now possible to view and examine a diamond from any corner of the world. You can take a close look at your diamond even by sitting at the other corner of the world. Several of the diamond dealers offer this facility to their customers. Therefore, if you want to buy a diamond, you can examine the diamond through the internet as if holding it in your hands.

Diamonds Substituting Silicon

Diamonds have exceptional heat resistance properties and functionality with electricity. As a result, diamonds are used as alternatives to silicon. The latter is reported to have several problems when functioning as a semiconductor. In certain electronic devices, silicon malfunctions due to heat issues, which is never an issue with diamonds. Besides, diamonds have better heat control results and do a good job in the same conditions. Hence, diamonds are replacing silicon too, opening the gateway to a new industry focused on diamonds.

Automated Mapping of Diamonds

A rough diamond is usually cut manually to reveal the finished product. However, with the latest technology, it is possible to map all the possibilities of cutting a rough diamond. The inclusion mapping system functions as a time machine for diamonds. They make calculations and predict all the ways in which a diamond could be polished. This helps the diamond manufacture to make a call that favors the maximum efficiency or benefit.

Blockchain Technology in Diamonds

With the high-tech technology, it is possible to track the journey of a loose princess cut diamond from its origin. You can see each step of the diamond until the final processing stage. This may help in reducing the fraudulent activities in the diamond industry.