How to Secure Your Loose Diamonds with Inscriptions

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Loose Diamond Inscriptions

Security enhancement of diamond has reached a grade higher with the last decade on, especially with the laser inscriptions in the girdle of a diamond. Basically, there is a major assumption that it really becomes hard to switch or steal, if there are any inscriptions indicating GIA certifications.

Over the last several years, there had been tremendous growth in the awareness of the potential threat of loose diamonds or the whole of set among the consumers. The devious action usually takes place at the time of resetting or repair.

As far as there is the absence of any inscriptions on the diamonds, it may find difficult to confirm that your diamond was not switched at the jeweler’s place. The likelihood of such situations can be averted or at least reduced by this tool, as you can confirm both before and after the stone is left with the jeweler.

However, with the advancement of technology in the present world, they are at times negatively penetrating and influencing. Through various advanced means, the inscriptions on the diamonds are not full proof, making way for alteration and even its total removal. Moreover, the inscriptions do not work like any tracking systems. Meanwhile, these markings make them easier to identify a recovered diamond.

Below are tips to secure your diamonds with an available source of inscriptions.

Get the receipt:

Noting the dimensions, weight, and shape of the diamond in a receipt before dropping off is an effective step. Besides, a single map of any key noticing inclusion makes the diamonds way more secure. Confirm that the details in the receipt are matching when you are picking back your diamonds.

Noticeable Identifiers:

Full details of the diamond’s length, width and weight can secure them more, as they would make a unique combination all by themselves. Further, the location of prominent inclusions and type can be added.

Retaining Original Certification:

This had to be in your possession all the times. A copy can be left with the third party, instead of the original ones. Significant details about the critical elements will be included in the documentation.

When following the mentioned ideas, the desire of any third party to switch your precious stones will be totally eliminated. You are automatically sending a clear picture that you are not going to sheer end up as a victim to their atrocious actions by remaining diligent about documentation.