Hemp Strains Reviews 2020

The cannabinoid sector has been booming ever since the US government legalized the domestic cultivation and sale of industrial hemp. In just two years since then, the number of stores that sell cannabidiol products has gradually become beyond what you could count. Are you aware that the hemp flower has the maximum concentration of the substance?

Purchasing the best CBD hemp flower for your use is not as straightforward as you might think. You will usually know about some good hemp strains from a loved one or staff of the dispensary in your area. But to help you more in choosing the ideal strain for you, we will discuss some brands and their products here. The following entities have some of the finest CBD hemp flower strains in the market.

  1. Cheef Botanicals

Some hemp fans formed Cheef Botanicals whose mission is to deliver fully natural and pure cannabis. It has over two decades of combined experience in the industry. The outcome of the combined efforts and knowledge of its founders is an exquisite and natural CBD product line. The organization’s product line includes some of America’s finest hemp derivatives. Its product ingredients are not animal byproducts. Instead, these are vegan items having no nasty synthetic flavor or dye.

The brand educates individuals about the risks of pharmaceuticals and how cannabidiol can be used to ease many symptoms more naturally and efficiently. These are among the hemp-based products of Cheef Botanicals.

Premium Hemp Flower

The cannabidiol flower is derived from industrial hemp. Therefore, its tetrahydrocannabinol content is in line with the federally permitted level of 0.3% or less. Consuming any CBD item containing this much THC will not make you psychoactive. When shopping for any hemp flower that is rich in cannabidiol, you will note that almost every CBD flower product is sold as ‘premium’ or ‘biomass’ grade item.

A ‘premium’ grade flower may be smaller than the ‘biomass’ one, but it will have the greatest strength and quality. Every single cannabidiol hemp flower of Cheef Botanicals is sold as a premium-grade product, so you will possibly have the maximum value for money. The brand deals in four separate CBD hemp flower products, which are shared below.

Hawaiian Haze

This product has amazing citrus or tropical aroma, with mild and earthy undertones. The product has 18% cannabidiol, and it is ideal for those who wish to ease their everyday pains and who host social gatherings in the summer season.


This is among the finest products in the catalog of Cheef Botanicals. It has a subtle sweet and sour fragrance, which brings a feeling of calmness to the user. The fragrance emerges from the traces of redwood and lemon zest of it. It is a surprisingly relaxing and energizing product.

Sour Space Candy

It is among the strongest hemp strains available in the market and is more potent than Cheef Botanicals’ other strains. It has a one-of-a-kind flavor with the same mix of undertones as Early Resin Berry’s and Sour Tsunami’s. It elevates the user’s mood, ease stress, and make them more able to concentrate.

Hemp Flower – CBG

Cannabigerol (CBG) is among the many different phytocannabinoids in cannabis Sativa, and it is likely to be an effective product in the world of medical marijuana. CBG has many different beneficial properties and, like cannabidiol, it will not make you feel euphoric. It enters this list because there are not many hemp flower brands that sell CBG-rich strains presently.

  1. Tweedle Farms

This is a tiny family-owned hemp farm in Oregon. The farm’s flowers are rich in terpenes and high in cannabidiol, and these are processed for use in manufacturing pure CBD items. The excellent flowers are primarily utilized to make oil-based hemp derivatives, such as the extracts to be put in vape pens. In the event you are not into those products, then Tweedle Farms has raw hemp flowers too.

It seems that the strains of it are not only the ones containing cannabidiol, though. On the flower section of Tweedle Farms’ web store, it is mentioned as CBDA. It is said that every cannabinoid starts its journey as CBGA, which transforms into CBDA when the plant has a certain enzyme. This is why many refer to CBDA as CBD’s precursor.

Cannabidiolic acid is thought to offer benefits that are similar to cannabidiol, by binding indirectly to CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. Tweedle Farms has a very diverse collection of hemp flower products, including the ones mentioned below.

Special Sauce

Are you aware that beer has the flowers of the plant named ‘hop’ as an ingredient? This hoppy-flavored product of Tweedle Farms has a trace of berry fruit and a delicate earthiness. Going by its laboratory report, Special Sauce has 0.02% cannabidiol, 19.66% cannabidiolic acid, and every amazing characteristic you would seek in an excellent hemp flower product.

4 Strain Mystery Sampler

Are you not sure of which Tweedle Farms item to purchase? If yes, then try this product. It comes in a package of four containers, each having its bud sample. Every single strain is CBDA-dominant, plus the sampler will have just the number of strains to be sold over some months. Therefore, you can test to see if each of the Tweedle Farms hemp flower variants works.


For an industrial hemp product, Umpqua has a pungent smell. One might term the fragrance and flavor ‘a tad spicy’, and the product emits a concentrated, gas-like, piney, and citrus-like fragrance. The strain has 0.05% tetrahydrocannabinol and 16.88% cannabidiolic acid, which is an ideal concentration of CBDA for a first-time consumer of hemp flower.

  1. Berkshire CBD

This business has much enthusiasm or excitement about dealing with the hemp flower. It is among the coolest cannabidiol brands for many reasons. For one, Berkshire CBD educates people on how it grows and cures industrial hemp.

Some vendors may pay more attention to brand building, but the e-commerce websites of the brand are not easy to navigate. Berkshire CBD’s web store is very intuitive, and it can help to make your shopping process comfortable and seamless. Here are three of its products.

White Rabbit

This CBD flower has a tad citrus-like and lemon-like fragrance and flavor. White Rabbit has uplifting and energizing properties, which makes the product an amazing option for use in the day. It contains 0.25% tetrahydrocannabinol and 16.6% cannabidiol.


This is a relaxing product that has a soothing effect, which is sure to unwind the user after a long day’s work. It has a high amount of both borneol and myrcene essential oils, plus 14.06% cannabidiol. It might clear your worries when used in the evening.


This is a deliciously earthy and pine-scented hemp strain. It will not make you stoned out of your mind but expect to have a slight euphoria and more fun in the daytime. It has 14.1% cannabidiol and can elevate your mood.

  1. Secret Nature CBD

You might not always be able to find Secret Nature CBD’s hemp flowers because the demand for these products is very high. It grows and processes every organic CBD flower using sustainable agriculture techniques, which can make the strength and potential of the plant as great as possible. So, Secret Nature CBD ends up having better flower strains that are rich in cannabidiol, and that let you experience the entire effects of the substance. Here is a list of three Secure Nature CBD’s products.

Cherry Cough

This product is good for individuals seeking relief from stress after a long, taxing day at work. The strain has 16.9% cannabidiol, a virtually untraceable concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol, and sweet red cherry fragrance with traces of gas and syrup. Some customers say that the strain smells a lot like new ‘cherry soda’.

Cobbler #5

This product has a smell that is similar to peach cobbler, hence the name ‘Cobbler #5’. Besides, the strain has an uplifting effect, it contains 17.04% cannabidiol and does not contain any amount of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Diesel Puff

This hemp strain has an exciting blend of fragrances. Its 19.7% cannabidiol content is sure to make you very alert and think logically and coherently.

  1. Plain Jane

This company has found an extremely interesting niche. It has made the CBD flower of it virtually free of odor. Therefore, the brand is built around a wide variety of CBD flower pre-rolled joints, which can be inhaled when busy without cannabis’s standard smell.

The pre-rolls of the brand look like cigarettes, so much so that one might even mistake these products for cigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Hemp Flower And Marijuana?

When shopping for a hemp flower, you should be capable of differentiating it and the marijuana strain. The legally allowed hemp flower strain has only trace amounts of THC, plus the maximum amount of cannabidiol the industrial hemp plant can generate. Conversely, marijuana usually has more THC content. So, those who wish not to have the psychoactive effects of it will be better of skipping a marijuana-derived product.

Will I Have A High By Smoking Hemp Flower?

You will not feel this way after smoking the product, but it will boost your mood.

Will I Test Positive For THC After Using Hemp Flower?

The result of the test for THC could turn out to be positive if some criteria are met. Hemp flower will only have 0.3% or less THC content, but the substance could appear in the result, especially in urine tests having a low threshold for it. As you might expect, a thing that will have a big effect on the result is the cutoff level the test has set for THC.