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Diamonds are available in a wide range of colors ranging from the traditional colorless diamonds to different shades of other colors including yellow, pink, green, blue, orange, grey, black, etc. Among them, black diamonds are one of the most precious stones that are really unique and magnificently stunning. One of the significant characteristics that make black diamonds different from stones of other colors is that they are completely opaque.

Now, a lot of people buy black loose cut diamonds for their rings as they provide them a distinct and bold look when compared to other brilliant cut loose diamonds. However, people still have a lot of doubts regarding black diamonds because of their similarity to other gemstones and also because of their unique color and features they exhibit.

Following are some frequently asked questions about black diamonds. This will give you an idea about these stones and you can decide if you should give a chance for black diamonds when you buy diamonds next time.

Are Black Diamonds Real?

Black diamonds are real stones like any other loose cut diamonds. Natural black diamonds that are mined from the earth are very rare. Sometimes the black diamonds you see may be given that particular color by heating and other treatments. However, both of these black stones are real.

How Black Diamonds are Formed?

The basic process involved in the formation of black diamonds is similar to stones with other colors. But they got this particular color from the presence of graphite and random clustering distributed throughout the stone.

Do Black Diamonds Cost More?

Even if the black diamonds are rare, they are actually less expensive than colorless stones. You can buy natural black diamonds at an affordable rate. Treated black diamonds will cost you even less when compared to natural ones. Hence, you can get these unique and elegant stones for a lower rate when compared with diamonds of other colors.

Where are the Natural Black Diamonds Coming from?

Natural black diamonds are only found in very few locations including Central Africa and Brazil.

Are Black Diamonds Rare?

Natural black diamonds are rare when compared to traditional colorless diamonds. In addition to this, you can also find black diamonds that are created by heat treatments. These diamonds are adored for their dark allure and artistic beauty. It is suitable for both men and women because of its bold look.

What are Treated Black Diamonds?

As the natural black diamonds are very rare, some diamantaires started to enhance the color of low-quality diamonds by burning them until they get an opaque black color. This is how the black diamonds are made artificially. But as their black color is gained artificially, their value will be also less.