Facts about Trillion Cut or Trilliant Cut Diamonds

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Trillion Cut Loose Diamond

Diamond Cut Facts

The trilliant diamond cut was created in the Netherlands. The trilliant cut got its name by combining ‘triangle’ and ‘brilliant’: ‘triangle’ represents the diamond shape, while ‘brilliant’ signifies the diamond’s angular faceting that makes the diamond shine luminously. Usually, the trilliant cut diamonds are composed of 44 facets, which are either cut with straight sides or with curved sides. Even though this diamond cut is not as popular as the round cut or the princess cut, it has its own unique beauty to make for an amazing engagement ring. So if you would like to deviate from the classic diamond ring designs, this is surely an option that you should consider.

You could either buy a pre-set trillion cut diamond ring or design a custom ring using a trillion cut loose diamond. The trillion diamonds are commonly used as accent stones that go around the centerpiece; however, you could also use this stone for the main center stone. Below are some interesting facts about trillion cut diamonds.

Larger Appearance

A trillion cut stone, when compared to the round cut having same carat weight, would look much larger. The trillion cut diamond appears to spread and look bigger because they are cut shallow. Hence, if the diamond size were one of your preferences, the trillion cut would be a good option for you. However, you would have to keep in mind that even if the diamond appears to be bigger, it would have less sparkle when compared to round ones. This is because the diamond is not cut deep enough to get the complete internal reflection.

Choosing the Right Setting

Another thing to know about the trillion cut diamonds is that their triangular shape makes them vulnerable to chipping at the pointed ends. Therefore, you should be very careful while handling a trillion cut loose diamond. However, this should not be one of your concerns if you are setting the stone into its mounting in an appropriate diamond ring setting.

Remember that the unique triangular shape of the trillion cut diamonds often makes it difficult to mount the stone into its setting when compared to other diamond shapes. You would also have to be very careful while mounting this stone, as the stone is easy to chip. In addition, it is very important to set the stone in a protective setting that is designed exclusively for them. You could use either a prong or bezel setting for offering good protection to the trillion cut diamond.