Factors That Affect the Pricing of Sapphire

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The stunning and affordable sapphire gemstones are ideal for an engagement ring. However, their pricing is slightly more complex than that of loose cut diamonds. Keep reading to discover what affects sapphire’s value and quality.


Color affects the sapphire gemstone prices than any other characteristic. When we picture sapphire, the blue color comes to mind. However, sapphires also come in various other colors having different hues and intensities. All of the above affect the value of this gemstone.


The more transparent sapphire is the more will the light pass through it. So, it will be that much more brilliant. An opaque stone will look much duller compared to a transparent one.


Diamonds are priced for the cut performed to achieve the most brilliance, but sapphire stones are cut to show maximum color. The gemstone cutters often pay attention to achieve following when at work.

  • The best possible color look
  • Reflect back maximum light
  • Retain as much as carat weight as possible
  • Minimize visible imperfections

Sapphire gems are not graded for cut. So you will need to determine its cut on your own. You have to consider the following issues when you search for a sapphire gem.

  • Window

When there is too shallow a cut, you may spot a big window effect amid the stone where the light will leak out. This will resemble a clear spot without color.

  • Extinction

If sapphire is cut excessively deep, then there are perhaps spots of extinction without or some amount of light return. These will resemble black or dark areas.

Face-Up Proportions

Sapphire gems are cut to achieve the best possible color, so many do not have ideal symmetry. This feature is significant for your sapphire’s beauty on the whole.

Offset Culet

Offsetting the culet is common when sapphire has inclusions, which have to be removed during the cutting phase. Then, the pavilion of sapphire is not symmetrical, plus the point of it is not amid. This can interfere with the reflection of the light and the way sapphire will appear when put face-up.


Where sapphire originates from has a huge effect on the price too. It is mainly mined in some places, including Kashmir, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Natural sapphires from these three places will generally be priced relatively higher than the ones from others. These places are also known for higher-quality sapphire gems, and therefore, these are much more desirable than sapphires from other places.