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Pink Diamonds

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Pink diamonds are one of the most expensive and prestigious gemstones available in the market. However, several customers who are in the market to buy fancy colored diamond engagement rings often ask why pink diamonds are so expensive. Pink diamonds are one of the rarest naturally occurring colored diamonds. In fact, these beautiful pink gemstones are the second rarest stones in the colored family of diamonds, which is why they come at a higher price tag.

As per the Gemological Institute of America, “Of the millions of diamonds mined each year, only 0.001 percent can qualify as fancy colors and only a handful can achieve the top grades of Intense and Vivid.” This means that pink diamonds are only a fraction of the above-mentioned 0.001 percent fancy colored diamonds.

Pink diamonds are only found in a few diamond mines in the world. However, large deposits of pink colored diamonds are often discovered in the Argyle mine of Australia. The intense and vibrant color of Argyle pink diamonds has made them one of the most loved choices of diamond and gemstone collectors.

As you would probably know, the characteristic colors of fancy colored diamonds are due to the presence of impurities and trace elements within them at the time of their formation. However, several scientists and other experts in the field of diamond industry have failed to identify the color origins of pink diamonds. Regardless, they make a stunning stone for any kind of jewelry. Below are some of the best pink diamonds to have been discovered by miners so far.

The Martian Pink

The Martian Pink is a stunning 12 carat pink colored diamond that once belonged to the famous American jeweler, Harry Winston. The elegant round brilliant cut stone, which is mounted on an 18k gold ring, is worth 17.4 million dollars.

The Noor-ul-Ain Diamond

The Noor-ul-Ain Diamond is another famous pink diamond and its carat size is estimated to be around 60 cts. This breathtaking pink diamond was gifted to Empress Farah Diba by the last Shah of Iran as a tiara when he married her.

The Star of the South

The Star of the South pink diamond was originally discovered in a Brazil mine in the year 1853. The carat size of this stunning pink gemstone is rumored to be around 2454.5 carats and it is owned by Cartier since the year 2002.