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Rose gold does not form by its own. It is made by mixing gold with copper and other metals. This usually includes copper, and occasionally zinc. It is used to make wedding bands and engagement rings alike. Note that gold and rose gold engagement rings require the same amount of care. Below is a discussion on different ways in which you can ensure care for the rose gold engagement rings.

Care for Rose Gold Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

It is advisable to prevent blows, hard knocks, dings, and scratches on rose gold. If these problems occur, make sure you take the ring to a professional jeweler.

Further, make sure you get the rose gold cleaned regularly using warm water and a little amount of soap. After cleaning, wipe it dry using a soft cotton cloth. In case it has to be stored, keep it in a different pouch to prevent scratches from other jewelry.

Rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands do not undergo tarnish. However, they develop a rich patina after some time. It usually takes a whole lifetime for the patina to form, but it adds high value to the ring. If you want to maintain the patina, you should not head to a professional cleaning service or put the ring in an ultrasonic bath.

Shopping Tips for Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Note that it is not possible to understand the kind of gold karat a rose gold wedding band has just by looking at its color. Any 10k pink gold wedding ring could be similar to an 18k pink gold wedding ring. Therefore, be careful when someone informs you that it is an 18k pink gold wedding ring simply because it has a light pink shade.

Further, it is better to stay clear of ‘rose gold plate’ type of rings. These are the ones made of silver, pure copper, or brass and then further coated with a minimal amount of rose gold. In such jewelry, the outer layer would wear away within a few months. Such rings are made using cheaper metals.

The rose gold should be sold with a certified diamond typically. In case it is an antique piece, it should have the appraisal.

Remember to stick with reputed jewelers whenever you are looking to buy a cushion cut loose diamond. Further, it is important to keep your ring free of bumps and scratches to maintain its appeal.