Did Technology Change Diamond Grading?

Cushion Cut Loose Diamond

Loose Princess Cut Diamonds

Loose Princess Cut Diamonds

Remember the days we used to feel lazy to cook food at home? Dragging everyone out from their beds to go to a restaurant was hard. But, we still did it. Ove time, mobile phones became a common commodity enabling people to make calls at their anytime. So, they started ordering food and soon, the restaurants started packing it so that their customer can have it wherever they wanted. Some even delivered the food at their doorstep. Today, selecting, ordering and receiving food is the easiest due to the online system which will bring your ordered food directly to you.

That’s how fast the technology is!

Similarly, diamond grading has changed with growing technology. Let’s see how.

How Did Diamond Grading Change?

We can say that diamond grading has improved very little over the decade. Diamond from mines is still sent to be graded by experts who do it manually taking around one to two weeks to grade.

However, things changed a lot in the last few years, making the situation slightly better. Sarine introduced the first-ever diamond grading technology for automated color and clarity in 2017 which was our base to find and research more.

The first generation of grading technology motivated scientists and others to find better technology for the other tests to avoid human error. The ongoing developments in online grading technology are showing huge potential since the shift. There are mainly two types of diamond grading that will depend on many factors.

Instantaneous Grading

Grading technology has reached a stage where we are expecting to grade diamonds in-house very soon. Manufacturers can save time and money, all the while providing the best diamonds without compromising on the quality of tests conducted. All the data required for grading will be uploaded into a very secure Sarine in cloud which will in no time process and grade the diamond and submit the results to the customer without any human error.

Make The Right Diamond

The trading of diamonds is based on its 4 C’s- colour, cut, carat and clarity. These factors decide the price and value of a diamond in the market. The milkiness, fluorescence, color tinge etc are also considered while deciding a diamond’s worth. While some retailers and buyers might want a particular factor to be taken into consideration more than the other factors, a problem arises. The grading system does not provide any information regarding the other factors.

Moreover, diamonds can even be bought online now. Buy loose princess cut diamonds and others at reasonable costs from internet platforms. Let us embrace technology for a better tomorrow.