How to Measure the Weight of a Loose Diamond in Points and Carats

Loose Diamond

Weight of Loose a Diamond

Points and carats are used to signify a diamonds’ weight. While a one-carat diamond’s weight equals 200 milligrams, a point equals a hundredth of a carat. In other words, one point equals two milligrams.

In order to measure a loose diamond’s points and carats, you have to weigh the gemstone in milligrams or grams, and then convert that to the units you are interested in. If you are curious to know the points and carats of loose diamonds you bought from somewhere, follow the below steps.

Weigh the Loose Diamond First

To weigh the gem, it is best to use a sensitive scale, which is often recommended for measuring in milligrams. The gemstone should be loose while you place it on the scale – that is, if the diamond is set in a jewelry piece, it would need to be taken off first.

Record the Weight of the Diamond

You have to look at the display of the measurement scale. In case the weight is displayed in grams, multiply that number by 1000, and then note down the resulting figure somewhere.

Calculate Diamond’s Carats

In order to calculate the carats of the gemstone, divide its weight in milligrams by two hundred. For instance, if the measurements scale shows 263 milligrams, then that equals 1.315 carats – which should be the same as what you noted down.

Determine Diamond’s Points

Once you have converted the weight of the gemstone in carats, look at the digits following the decimal point of that carat weight figure. Divide that figure by hundred, and the result will give you diamond’s points. For instance, in case the weight is 1.315 carats, you have to divide the decimal points by hundred and the result is 31.5 points.

Express Diamond’s Weight In Terms of Points and Carats

Once you have calculated both in your loose diamond, express its weight in both the terms. Assuming that it is one gem as mentioned in the example illustrated here, you can express it as one carat and 31.5 points diamond.

The weight of most loose diamonds is somewhere around that of a small paper clip. This is what makes the points so important when differentiating stones based on weight. If a jeweler tells you a set of loose stones weighs a certain amount, you can ask them to show you that on a scale, just to be sure.