Choosing your Engagement Ring Metal

Engagement Ring Metal

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When looking for an engagement ring to buy, the first thing you should do is brush up on the options you can pick from. You can easily get the perfect stone after ample research, but most people overlook the importance of considering all metal options available for the band. In fact, you need to find an engagement ring metal that suits your taste, needs, and budget. This will make up most of your ring, so pay special attention to what it will be made out of.

Recycled Material

Mostly affordable, engagement rings made of recycled metal usually comprises alloys with different metals mixed in. The components usually include titanium, silver, platinum, or gold. The end result is a unique metal that has its own characteristic color.

Rose Gold

Rose gold mixes copper and gold to produce an attractive pinkish bronze, which romantics favor greatly. It costs a bit less than regular yellow gold, and even white gold.

White/Yellow Gold

This option is among the most expensive you can pick, what with gold being one of the rarest metals on the planet. It is traditional as well as visually stunning, and suits women who have metal allergies.


A rare, pure metal, platinum has a shiny silvery look that does not suffer from tarnishing. A platinum ring would cost your dearly, even more than gold in fact. Durability is one of the best traits you buy with platinum.


Palladium looks much like platinum at first glance, and is known for being highly inflexible. This means all your worries about breakage go out the window if you choose palladium as your engagement ring metal. Platinum is commonly used to alloy gold, and has a slightly darker appearance than white gold or platinum.


This metal is famous for a variety of reasons, including such fine qualities as being lightweight and silvery in appearance. Titanium is also the most hypoallergenic metal in existence, which means, if you want an inexpensive ring that will not trigger allergies, this is a very good option to consider. Titanium is also a very popular choice for men’s wedding bands, because of the way it looks and sounds.


You cannot find as many wedding and engagement rings out of silver as in the earlier periods, but this metal should appeal to couples who have a budget to watch. Silver costs less than both gold and platinum, and has a very appealing look that is hard to forget.