What is a Rustic Diamond

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Interesting Diamond Facts

Just about all diamonds have internal imperfections, called “inclusions”. In rustic diamonds, there are a lot of inclusions than normal. These internal flaws give a rustic look to diamonds, hence the name rustic diamonds. For this reason, these are also referred to as “icy”, “translucent”, and “salt and pepper” diamonds.

Diamond Formation

The history of rustic diamonds dates back years. In the past, they were considered not usable in jewelry because of the inclusions. These flaws occur during the diamond formation process. It is a known fact that diamonds form under the Earth. In the case of rustic diamonds, formation takes place at a much-deeper level under the ground surface.

Diamonds are carbon’s purest form. The purest diamonds consist of carbon molecules which are pure, and no substitutes. Underneath the crust of the earth, there are different types of minerals and therefore, during the formation, other minerals mix with the molecules, which causes impurities in the rock. The formation process creates an array of diamonds, comprising colorless ones.

There are industrial and gem-grade rough diamonds. Interestingly, only around one-third of the gem-grade stones are cut into sophisticated shapes like the radiant and princess cut diamond. The rest are industrial-grade diamonds, containing high inclusions.

The industrial-grade stones were once thought not usable, but they have now become trendy. When cut and polished, diamonds become more beautiful than pure perfect ones.

Why Choose Rustic Diamonds

The vast majority of rustic diamonds have the shape that resembles a rosebud. A rose cut diamond loose have up to 24 facets. The rose cut has been used in the making of diamond engagement rings for years.

Several popular jewelery designers use it nowadays. The rose cut stone is divided into many facets of a triangle, with the triangle in the center and other similar facets around it. With the rose cut, the rustic gem looks very beautiful. Kite cut loose diamond is another popular option for those seeking the rustic look.

These diamonds come with unique clarity and color. As there is no treatment involved, both features of the stone are valued highly. Who will not select an engagement ring with a unique gemstone? There many unique options in the market, including rustic diamond rings. If you choose to go down the rustic route, you are the sort of person who likes to stand out from the sea of sparkle.