Differentiating Features Of Modern Engagement Rings

Modern Diamond Cut

Modern Diamond Cut

Modern Diamond Cut

As we all know, there are two types of diamond rings, modern and vintage. All the diamond rings that came into existence before the industrial revolution are termed vintage diamond rings. Not only the time of origin, but modern rings differ from vintage rings in so many other ways. The design, cuts, manufacturing procedure, etc are all different in modern diamond rings. Due to the high price and low availability, most people are now using modern rings for different occasions like engagement and wedding. The following are some features of modern rings that make it different from antique or vintage diamond rings.

Diamond Certification

Certification is one of the major differences in modern diamond rings. Most of the diamonds that we buy today are certified by various agencies. It will not only help in finding good quality diamonds but also increases its resale value. Certification is the procedure of grading diamonds according to their quality. Since it is hard to differentiate good and bad quality diamonds with naked eyes, most people prefer to choose certified ones while purchasing modern diamonds.

Modern Design

There are so many differences in both the ring setting and diamond cut in modern rings when compared to vintage designs. Modern diamond cuts are more sparkly than vintage diamonds. This is because the number of facets in modern diamonds is more. On the other hand, the ring setting has become more simple. Earlier, diamonds were considered as a symbol of power and status, but now it is a part of everyday jewelry. So, to make the rings more suitable for daily use, the settings have become simple. In addition to that, the material used for making the ring has also changed. Earlier gold was the only option, but now people use different materials like platinum and rose gold to make diamond rings.


Converting rough diamonds into elegant pieces of stone was a hectic task in vintage times. This is because there were no special tools available in those days. But now, the situation has changed. Presently, most of the manufacturers are using advanced technologies to find the perfect design and for trimming rough diamonds easily. It has not only helped them to reduce the time to cut the stone but also to reduce wastage.

Modern diamonds are simple and elegant compared to vintage designs. However, the demand for vintage diamond rings is still high in the market.