Choosing The Best Ring Setting For Diamonds

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Loose Cut Diamonds

Loose Cut Diamonds

Choosing the right ring setting for your diamond can be a confusing task, as all the settings may not suit your stone. Hence, you have to consider a lot of factors while selecting a setting that can perfectly match your diamond. If you are confused as to which ring setting is ideal, then this article can be helpful.

Type Of Setting

The type of setting you have chosen can greatly impact the look of your diamond. Some settings will be able to give a bigger appearance for the stone, whereas, some others might make your stone look smaller. For example, the bezel setting will hold your diamond in position by surrounding it with a metal strip. This will reduce the visibility of the stone thereby making it look smaller. Rings with channel settings also have an akin impact.

Another popular setting that is used for holding diamonds is the prong setting. It uses claws for holding the stones, and they won’t be covered by the metal. So the visibility of the stones will be more when compared to the bezel setting. If the setting has six or more prongs or V-prongs, then the visibility will decrease. The four-prong setting adds more visibility to the diamonds.

You have to be aware that with an increase in visibility, there can be a reduction in safety. A bezel setting will provide more safety for the stone, as it covers the stone using a metal strip. Hence, it will be safer when compared to the prong setting.

Diamond Shape

The shape of the diamond is a vital part of selecting the best ring setting. Choose a setting that can complement the shape of your diamond. For example, if you have a round cut loose diamond, then choose a setting that has a rounded or curved shape. Remember to look into the shape of your loose cut diamonds before choosing the best setting.

Diamond Color

If you have a colorless or nearly colorless diamond, it is better to set it in white metal for enhancing its brilliance. Hence, mount your colorless stone in white gold or platinum. However, if you have a diamond with a slight yellow tint, then mounting it in yellow gold will help to mask its tint.

There is a wide range of things you have to consider while choosing a ring setting for your diamond. Some of them include color, shape, and size of your stone. This helps with deciding on the right setting that can enhance the appeal of your ring.