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Designed by Joseph Asscher in 1902, the Asscher cut diamond is a very attractive fancy shape. You can easily recognize them for their distinctive “X” shape as well as their cropped corners. They are sometimes confused with emerald cut diamonds due to their step-cut facets. A step-cut diamond has facets parallel to the girdle. This causes the hall of mirrors effect which also adds to its attraction. Note that the Asscher cut has 58 facets. Below is a discussion on the factors to remember if you are choosing Asscher Cut Diamonds over loose princess cut diamond.

The Color Grade To Get For An Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher cut diamonds are characterized by a large open table. This ensures that the diamond would stay visible regardless of their color. It is recommended that you do not go lower than G grade if you are choosing Asscher diamond and want to purchase something that appears colorless.

The Clarity Grade To Select For An Asscher Cut Diamond

Due to the presence of a large open table, the inclusions would be easily visible. Besides, Asscher diamonds sparkle comparatively lesser than other diamonds. Note that sparkle could hide inclusions. It is advisable to pick an Asscher cut diamond using a VS2 clarity grade. Note that a large diamond would need a higher clarity grade as the inclusions are more prone to be seen.

Cut Grade To Pick For An Asscher Cut Diamond

The cut is a crucial factor in deciding the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond. If you want your Asscher diamond to have maximum sparkle, try to get the diamond with the highest sparkle while staying within your budget limits.

Symmetry is also a factor to prioritize for an Asscher cut diamond. Even though GIA does not allot a cut grade to Asscher cut diamonds, there is still a symmetry grade you can depend on. It will give you a fair idea regarding the alignment and shape of the facets of the diamond. Diamonds with higher symmetry grade would have more sparkle. Since Asscher cut diamonds bring out imperfections easily, it is better to choose Excellent or Very Good symmetry. Another influential factor is polish. Select the diamond with an excellent or ideal level of polish grade. Do not forget the importance of length to width ratio which should stay between 1 and 1.03 for the best results.

Remember the abide suggestions as you head out to purchase the Asscher cut diamonds.