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Diamond industry is one that involves billions of dollars of turnover every year because it produces one of the most sought-after substances in the world. However, what is often overlooked here, is the harsh realities of the communities involved in the diamond mining process. Below is throwing some light on the situations concerning these communities.

Site of Violence

Diamond mines have been an epicenter of conflicts since the time diamond mining begun. The locations have witnessed some of the most brutal conflicts in the name of rights over the mined product. Apart from that, several human rights are also breached in the mining sites. This includes forced labor, torture, child abuse, and cruel punishments. In the previous century, slavery was also practiced for diamond mining, until it was brought to the attention of the authorities. However, a diminished form of slavery still exists in several mines.

The Dreadful Condition of Laborers

Mining of precious diamonds across the world is carried out in very hostile conditions. There is exploitation of workers, children, and their communities. Reports say that over a million diamond diggers earn less than a dollar per day, despite of working in grave situations. Most of these people are poverty-stricken and their communities continue to suffer. Furthermore, the artisanal miners are forced to work in hazardous conditions without proper training or safety equipment. In short, the most precious substance in the world is produced as a result of the immense suffering of millions of people.

Environmental Repercussions

Since diamond mining involves extensive excavation, it takes a major toll on the environment. In addition to this, poor planning combined with improper regulation of norms have led to severe damage to the environment. Some of the impacts include soil erosion and deforestation. This, in turn, has also forced several communities to uproot from their ancestral habitats. Under intense circumstances, diamond mining is lethal enough to cause the collapse of entire ecosystems as well.

The Kimberley Process

This process grants permission to smuggled diamonds to enter world markets without the need for tracing their mine of origin. The reform was intended at reducing conflicts in certification. As a result, the markets benefitted and so did the economy. However, there is a huge flaw in the reform, as it does not speak about the remaining section of human beings linked to diamond mining. There are millions living in ghastly conditions, yet working hard day and night. Hence, human right violations, poverty, and exploitation continue to plague those associated with diamond mining.