Buyers Guide To Princess Cut Diamonds

Loose Princess Cut Diamonds

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

I am sure all of you will be able to predict the question which I plan on asking you next. Given a chance, which diamond cut would you prefer? And drumroll, the answer is the princess cut diamond. We have been hearing about celebrities making this, their special rock. So why is it getting this kind of publicity? It’s all thanks to its breath-taking brilliance and cut. The next question that comes to most minds is how to find the perfect rock; which leads us to the discussion about how to buy loose princess cut diamond. Continue reading to get your hands on a few beneficial hints.

Find A Veracious Jeweller

Now that the decision has been made regarding buying loose princess cut diamond, the next step is to get in touch with the correct jeweler. To ensure you are in the right place, ask for the jeweler’s credentials firstly. Or maybe before dropping into the diamond store, you could check for online reviews on the store’s 1 carat princess cut loose diamond or 2 carat princess cut loose diamond or whichever best defines your special someone. Anyone could throw the basics of the 4Cs at you but only a trained jeweler will be able to truly assist you.

Find Your Perfect Diamond

Let me give these standards right to you. Look out for these figures when you are purchasing a loose princess cut diamond; table, depth, and width of the diamond. The table must be between 53 to 57 percent of the width of the diamond. Depth must range between 60 and 75 percent of the width of the selected diamond. As far as the width is concerned, it must lie within the ratio of 1 and 1.05:1. Additionally, check for the girdle and clarity of the diamond.

Ask For Grading Report

Do remember to ask for the grading report for the purchase you have made along with the invoice. This ensures that you are heading home with a certified brilliance. Ideally, the grading report is issued by GIA and a certificate guarantees that your stone is genuine and has passed the quality standards.

That being said, here is what you should avoid while making your purchase.

Avoid This

Pavilion Bulge is something that you want to avoid. It happens when the stone is being cut. The gemmologist could have made a steep cut on the lower half of the stone.