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There would be hardly be a person able to resist the charm and beauty of sparkling diamonds. However, one needs to make sure that the diamond they choose espouses higher ethical values before jumping into a purchase. Note that some diamonds are mined under terrible conditions, violating human rights. This type of gemstone is known as blood diamond or conflict diamond. Some of the common issues involved in the blood diamond mining process include exploitation of workers, child labor, environmental pollution, etc. In most cases, conflict diamonds are used to fund wars and other violent movements.

It would almost definitely be impossible for a consumer to identify an eco-friendly conflict diamond by themselves. So, you will have to totally rely on your diamond seller for this. So, the first step you must take is looking for reputable diamond vendors. Credible diamond sellers would be known for their quality services and hence, would not do anything that could stain their status. Thankfully, there are numerous merchants out there who specialize in conflict-free loose cut diamonds.

A credible diamond certificate is another way to stay away from conflict diamonds. Note that it is always safe to buy a stone that is certified by a reliable third party, since their assessment would be unbiased, unlike in-house diamond certificates. In case you have your eyes on antique loose European cut diamonds that do not have a certificate, make sure to purchase only from trusted jewelers. Additionally, make sure to inquire on every last detail about the diamond that you choose. If you find his answers unconvincing or vague, it is best to search for another diamond seller.

There are many countries such as Zimbabwe, Liberia, Laos, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, etc., which fund violent movements. In addition, human rights violation issues are common in these countries. Hence, it is best to avoid choosing the diamonds which are mined out of these places. In place of that, consider stones that are mined in the countries that ban conflict diamond business. Some of those ideal diamond mining countries where environmental standard and human rights are preserved include Namibia, Canada, Botswana, Sierra Leone, etc.

Considering lab-created diamonds is another way to steer away from blood diamonds. These stones are created in labs and feature the exact same physical, structural, and chemical properties as natural diamonds. In fact, it would be really hard for the untrained eye to spot differences between lab-created diamonds and their natural counterparts. Choosing precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc, is also a great way to avoid jewelry pieces from a conflict source.